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International Organisation hiring Knowledge Management Officer

Switzerland, 07 August 2015


The Evaluation Office of the International Organisation is responsible for organizational evaluation activities and reports to the Director-General. It is responsible for the development and co-ordination of evaluation policy, practices and oversight of evaluation activities funded by regular budget or donor agencies of the International Organisation. This includes strengthening independent and strategic evaluations within the International Organisation, building evaluation capacity and upgrading knowledge management practices linked to evaluation work.

The Knowledge Management Officer supports the work of the unit in a wide range of information gathering, dissemination and analysis functions with the aim to improve the utilization of evaluation work, organizational performance and coordination. This primarily involves developing and maintaining a range of information systems, tools, training materials and communication initiatives.

This position works directly with the EVAL team, reporting to the Director. Co-ordination with house standards on information technology and knowledge management are essential collaborative activities.

Description of Duties

  • Participate in the development and promotion of an overall vision for EVAL's knowledge management (KM) and communications activities, in collaboration with the EVAL team and in coordination with organizational communication standards and procedures.

  • Promote the utilization of evaluation in the International Organisation (information, findings and training) with a KM strategy that includes: i. maintaining information systems (knowledge sharing platforms and databases) to enable staff involved in project or programme evaluation to obtain easy access to factual information via a range of intranet, internet platforms. ii. providing user-friendly processes and tools to support the International Organisation Evaluation Network of field and headquarters Evaluation Focal Points; establish easy access to evaluation plans and management; establishing key work flows to enable the capture, sharing and application of evaluation information across the organization; and participating in biennial conferences to enhance the strength and function of the network. iii. developing communication initiatives and incentives for collaboration and social networking; organizing KM events which promote evaluation knowledge products and awareness - including brown bag events, evaluation report dissemination events and round table discussions.

  • Provide support in the management follow-up process to evaluation recommendations arising from project evaluations. This includes the maintenance of a recommendations database, processing management inputs, analysing the quality of management response including constituents' responses when necessary, and preparing reports on this for the Governing Body. These reports will include an analysis of the role of constituents and their participation in the follow-up to evaluation recommendations.

  • Ensure that the International Organisation Evaluation Policy Guidelines, and the extensive support guidance documents, tools, protocols and templates (52 documents) are kept up-to-date and in line with UN agency norms and standards. This involves desk reviews of current practice, participation in UN Agency task forces, and making appropriate editorial adjustments to standing guidance. Writing guidance in certain technical areas related to KM will also be required.

  • Maintain and strengthen contacts with other UN agencies to promote the contribution of International Organisation's evaluation work to the greater development community.

  • Establish metrics to measure and report on EVAL's activities; provide statistical reporting on EVAL's work in project evaluation, both internal and independent evaluation; and generate regular reports to EVAL and senior International Organisation management on evaluation findings, recommendations, and good practices.

  • In collaboration with International Organisation KM strategies, participate in the promotion of lessons learned and validated good practices to support organizational learning. This includes maintaining a separate database for the analysis of these evaluation findings.

  • Serve as the KM focal point for collaboration with the International Organisation Knowledge Gateway task force and with other International Organisation KM and communications efforts.

  • Work closely with INFOTEC to ensure the establishment of the appropriate IT infrastructure to support the EVAL knowledge systems and their components on a cost effective and sustainable basis; including database improvements and remodelling to adjust to changing work processes.

  • Provide collaboration on editorial quality control of EVAL publications.

Contract duration: one year.


Submission Deadline: 23 August 2015

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