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CEDEFOP recruiting Head of Human Resources

Thessaloniki, Greece, 07 August 2017


Cedefop employs approximately 120 persons. English is the internal working language of the Agency. Cedefop offers a challenging environment with flexible work organisation and individual responsibility. As a learning and knowledge-development and sharing organisation, Cedefop provides good opportunities for continued professional development.

The mission of the Human Resources Service is to develop and implement HR policies in support of Cedefop’s mission and objectives. TheHead of Human Resources shall lead the HR team in delivery of comprehensive HR management services (selection, recruitment, rights and obligations, retention and professional development of staff, appraisal and promotion); ensure compliance with EU legislative tools, providing legal support as appropriate on HR issues; coordinate human resources management with the learning and development policy and social welfare; manage all staff-related expenditure and support the implementation of the ethics and integrity framework through advice, information and training.


The Head of Human Resources reports to the Head of Department for Resources and Support. S/he will be responsible for sound and efficient management of the human, financial and technical resources of the HR Service and for defining and achieving its objectives within the overall strategic planning framework of Cedefop, as outlined in the rolling Agency's Programming Document.

General duties

The Head of HR is managing a team of five staff members and is ensuring all services related to Human Resources in Cedefop, from strategic planning to ensuring payment of staff salaries, supervising recruitment processes and providing legal support and statutory advice on HR matters.

Specific duties at Agency level

  • support the senior and middle management of the Agency in staff planning and people management strategies by providing advice and up-to-date HR data to ensure the effective use of human resources and alignment with organisational needs;

  • coordinate the preparation, implementation and monitoring of HR planning and budgeting, in accordance with the principle of sound financial management;

  • ensure preparation and successful implementation of service-level work plan, staff policy plan and contribute to the Agency's work programmes;

  • ensure all HR related rules and procedures are properly applied and in compliance with the applicable EU legislative tools (EU staff regulations, implementing rules, etc.); provide the Directorate and the departments with legal support on HR issues;

  • manage, deliver and continuously improve HR services, including selection and recruitment procedures, learning and development, performance and career management, administration of individual entitlements, as well as salaries and allowances;

  • ensure the continuous professional development of staff through competency management, learning and development interventions and coaching to foster timely availability of staff with the necessary skills and competences;

  • ensure administration of staff management, such as job descriptions, objectives, leave and absence management;

  • ensure clear and timely communication with the Agency’s staff on HR matters;

  • promote staff wellbeing, in particular in the areas of professional development and health care;

  • liaise with the Staff Committee on HR policies;

  • liaise with EU institutions and Services and other agencies and participate in human resources coordination meetings;

  • liaise with DG HR of the European Commission on human-resources related issues.

Specific duties at Human Resources service level

Organising and leading the HR practices and objectives to provide a staff-oriented high performance culture which emphasizes empowerment, quality, productivity and a high standard of service mindedness by:

  • organising and overseeing the work of the HR service thereby ensuring effective distribution of tasks and responsibilities amongst its staff;

  • planning and managing the service’s human, financial and material resources and ensuring that these are properly used;

  • monitoring and evaluating the fulfilment of the service’s objectives and the service’s staff performance;

  • fostering a professional approach to HR management with the ability to motivate and to recognise the professional commitment of the individual staff member;

  • contributing to the HR team effort by accomplishing results, adding value as both an individual contributor and as an active team member of the HR Service.

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