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STL recruiting Associate Legal Officer

Leidschendam, Netherlands, 07 November 2013


The Defence Office is one of the four organs of the Special Tribunal. Its mandate is to promote and protect the rights of the accused. The Head of the Defence Office is appointed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, in consultation with the President of the Special Tribunal. The duty of the Defence Office includes providing legal advice to counsel. This vacancy announcement is for an Associate Legal Officer, with a focus on international criminal law.


Under the supervision of the Head of the Defence Legal Advisory Section ( DLAS), the incumbent performs a wide range of legal functions within the DLAS. The section is tasked with providing legal advice to Defence Counsel. In addition, the section supports the Head of the Defence Office with legal advice as needed in the performance of his functions, which includes making submissions to court and entering into agreements with organizations and states.

The staff in the Section should be able to undertake any of the activities in the Section as listed below. The responsibilities are as follows:

Advice for Defence Counsel

  • Conduct legal research on a diverse range of assigned issues in criminal law and procedure before international courts and domestic tribunals and other areas of specialization including laws on terrorism and international human rights law - by using multiple research (electronic) sources, selecting relevant material, analyzing information and presenting findings for internal review.

  • Draft legal memoranda, reports and briefs on the abovementioned issues. Catalog, summarize and analyze relevant materials. Maintain databases of relevant materials.

  • Assist with the provision of legal advice to Defence Counsel on any legal issues before the court.

  • Monitor trials with a view to identifying key legal issues affecting the rights of the accused and their counsel.

Advice for the Head of the Defence Office

  • Assist in the preparation and drafting of legal submissions to the court during the pre-trial, trial and appeals phases of the proceedings in relation to matters of general interest to the defence, the fairness of the proceedings and fundamental rights of the accused and in the drafting of decisions delivered by the Head of the Defence Office;

  • Conduct legal research and draft advice to the Head of the Defence Office on a variety of legal issues.

  • Assist in the development and facilitation of legal training for defence counsel and the persons assisting them in the areas of law mentioned above.

  • Assist in the drafting of agreements, contracts, policies and other documents for the Head of the Defence Office.

  • Draft and analyze proposals for the adoption or amendments of the Tribunal legal instruments, such as the Rules of Procedure and Evidence and Practice Directions.

  • Give public briefings to visitor groups and elsewhere as required.

  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Chief of the Defence Legal Advisory Section.

Deadline: 4 December 2013

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