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Tender: Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning

Pristina, Kosovo, 08 May 2015


The Municipality of Pristina is now seeking a consultant (the “Consultant”) to assist in developing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (the “Plan” or “SUMP”) to ensure best-practice urban transport planning and to identify opportunities for divestiture of commercial activities with potential for private sector participation. The SUMP will be implemented by the City.

The main objective of this assignment is the development of the SUMP that will assist the City to manage mobility to be compatible with European environmental requirements.

The Consultant will undertake the following tasks and fulfil the following objectives, inter alia:

  • To prepare a Plan for the transport urban sector in Pristina, which would determine future priority investments in the sector;

  • To prepare a transport model to use as the basis for the assessment of the entire mobility plan;

  • To ensure the accessibility offered by the transport system is available to all, such that urban public facilities, including public transport, can provide services on an inclusive basis;

  • To improve safety and security in all modes of transport and to reduce the number of accidents;

  • To reduce air and noise pollution, greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions and energy consumption;

  • To improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the transport of persons, including defined sources of underlying funding and financing for such activities. This is understood to include both TU and private transport providers;

  • To elaborate a general and specific set of indicators, regarding the mobility, socio-economic and urban development of the City, which will be monitored in evaluating the effectiveness of the Plan associated with the established objectives;

  • To develop non-motorised modes and intermodal transport networks;

  • Propose recommendations on Private Sector Participation (“PSP”) opportunities in the provision of urban transport services in Pristina. 

Assignment Start Date and Duration: The Assignment is expected to start in Q3 2015 and has an estimated overall duration of 9 months.


Submission Deadline: 4 June 2015

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