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International Organisation hiring Head of Atomic and Molecular Data Unit

Austria, 08 June 2016


The Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications implements the Organisation's Major Programme 2, "Nuclear Techniques for Development and Environmental Protection". This Major Programme comprises individual programmes on food and agriculture, human health, water resources, environment and radiation technologies. These programmes are supported by laboratories in Seibersdorf, Monaco and Vienna. The Major Programme's objective is to enhance the capacity of Member States to meet basic human needs and to assess and manage the marine and terrestrial environments through the use of nuclear and isotopic techniques in sustainable development programmes.

The Division of Physical and Chemical Sciences is responsible for assisting and advising Member States in research and development for the nuclear sciences, especially the physical and chemical sciences. Specifically, the Division provides support to Member States in the following fields: production of radioisotopes and radiolabelled products for applications in health care and industry; radiation source applications; research reactor utilization; applications of accelerators and nuclear instrumentation; nuclear and atomic data for applications; controlled nuclear fusion and isotope hydrology and geochemistry.

Additionally, the nuclear science activities carried out by the Nuclear Data Section and Physics Section in the Division of Physical and Chemical Sciences of the Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications fall under Major Programme 1.

The Nuclear Data Section (NDS) is primarily responsible for the generation and maintenance of a number of high-quality and fundamental nuclear and atomic databases and providing services to users worldwide. The main means of dissemination is via the NDS website, which provides interactive tools to present the required data.

Main Purpose

Reporting to the Head of NDS, the Unit Head leads a team of one other physicist and 2 computer professionals to implement the Agency’s programme on data for atomic, molecular and plasma-material interaction (A+M+PMI) processes in fusion devices and other plasma applications and to support broader NDS activities in scientific data management.


The Unit Head is: (1) a programme developer and implementer, who assists in planning and developing the Agency's programme on the provision of A+M+PMI databases to support fusion energy research worldwide; (2) a scientific secretary, project officer and technical expert, planning and managing complex Technical Meetings, coordinated research projects (CRPs), and data development and evaluation activities; and (3) a physicist, capable of initiating new research paths needed for the provision of A+M+PMI data for fusion energy and other plasma applications.


The Unit Head engages high level counterparts in Member State institutes, including fusion laboratories and national data centres, and relevant UN and other international organizations (e.g., the ITER Organization, the OECD-NEA and ICTP) in order to identify needs of Member States, promote partnerships and undertake programme planning and implementation. He/she establishes and maintains contacts with individual scientists at Member State and international institutions to develop and implement programmatic activities. Furthermore, the Unit Head ensures close cooperation when necessary with other Sections within the Organisation (notably the Physics Section-NAPC) for effective implementation of projects of a cross-cutting nature.

Functions / Key Results Expected

  • Oversee and manage the staff and activities of the Atomic and Molecular Data Unit and support the Section Head in planning and monitoring the programme and budget.

  • Provide technical input to the planning, development and implementation of the Organisation's programme in the area of A+M+PMI data for fusion energy research and other plasma applications.

  • Promote, coordinate and evaluate complex CRPs, plan and lead complex Technical Meetings, and organize data development and data evaluation activities, including defining the scope of such work, selecting participants and coordinating the production of reports and documents.

  • Conduct studies and develop international recommendations about needs and priorities for improved A+M+PMI data, data evaluations, and database infrastructure to support fusion energy research and other plasma applications.

  • Plan, organize and participate in seminars, workshops and training courses for complex technical topics.

  • Provide authoritative guidance and technical input to the work by staff including the preparation of reports.


Submission Deadline: 11 July 2016

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