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World Bank recruiting Senior Green Building Consultant

Beijing, China, 08 July 2016


As the world's largest construction market, China is home to half of the new buildings built globally every year, adding nearly 2 billion square meters of floor space annually. China Green Revolution Report by Mckinsey estimates that the nation spends over 40% of its total energy in this sector. The building sector alone has 1.1Gt of GHG abatement potential by 2030. However, the window of opportunity to realize GHG reductions is closing. Sensitivity analysis done by McKinsey suggests 30% of the abatement potential would be lost if there was a delay of five years; 60% abatement potential would lost if the delay was ten years. Buildings represent one of Chinas key focal points for environmental performance improvement that includes energy, carbon and water.

The goal of this project is to achieve significant GHG emission reduction through energy, water and material efficiencies in construction by facilitating faster growth in China's green building stock.

Objectives and Descriptions

The STC will be required to:

  • Benchmarking of EDGE green building standard with China's green building standard: The STC will be expected to prepare written materials and participate in meetings (both external and internal) relating to the benchmarking of EDGE green building standard with China's existing green building standard. The EDGE green building standard is a standard that allows buildings to be certified if the building reduces its energy usage, water usage and embodied energy in materials, each by 20%. More information on EDGE is available at www.ifc.org/edge and at http://www.edgebuildings.com/

  • Supervise data collection on buildings: The STC is expected to supervise the data collection process on data related to building performance. The data collection process will be implemented by an external entity, and the STC is expected to review the quality of the data and provide guidance to the external entity to ensure the quality of the data collected.

  • Carbon Methodology on EDGE: the STC is expected to summarize and communicate with parties (internal and external) regarding the technical aspects of the carbon calculation methodology. Such summaries and communications will include both written products and live communications.

  • Policy design on affordable housing: The STC is expected to advise and assist in efforts to improve standards, codes and regulations relating to various aspects of green affordable housing, especially in relation to the operations of such buildings.


The STC will need to prepare written products, including summaries and reports, especially for the benchmarking and carbon methodology. Other deliverables will be determined on an on-going basis, consistent with the objectives of the GB project.

Duration, Timeline, and Location

The contract will conclude in January 2017, with possibility of extension

Most of the work is expected to be conducted out of Beijing, although some travels within China may be needed.

Submission Deadline: 31 August 2016

View the ECN Subcontracting Notice (This notice is visible only to ECN Executive and Expert Members: Please login to view).

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