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World Bank hiring Ombudsman

United States of America, 08 August 2016


The Bank’s administrative regulations provide for the Ombuds to be independent of any group or official of the Bank. The Office has a broad mandate to look into staff-related issues, to consider conflicts of any nature related to employment by the Bank, and to assist in their informal resolution. Except for medical records, documents covered by attorney-client privilege or records of on-going investigations, the Ombudsman has access to records concerning staff. The Ombuds may consult with anyone relevant to a matter, and give whatever advice and opinion is deemed to be appropriate. The three Ombuds have direct access to the President of the Bank as needed for the performance of their duties.

The Bank's Ombuds Services Office performs three principal functions: (i) it provides assistance in the informal resolution of conflicts and other issues brought to the attention of the Office; (ii) it monitors trends and emerging issues, and provides guidance and advice on ways to improve the workplace environment in the WBG; and (iii) it manages the Respectful Workplace Advisors (RWA) Program.

The Bank has several other units and services which provide advice and assistance in resolving conflicts, grievances and ethical issues (including Human Resources, Mediation Services, Peer Review Services, the Administrative Tribunal, Ethics and Business Conduct, Legal, Personal and Work Stress Counseling, and the Staff Association). The Ombuds Services Office collaborates with these units, as appropriate, while maintaining the confidentiality of specific matters.

Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 5 year term appointment.

Duties and accountabilities

The three Ombuds perform their duties as a team.

In efforts to help resolve conflicts, depending on the circumstances, an Ombudsman may help a visitor (individual calling upon Ombuds Services for assistance) analyze the situation brought to his or her attention, advise the visitor of the policy or procedural context of the situation, advise the visitor of options and different avenues open to him or her, and make suggestions about how to exercise options or pursue avenues. If requested by a visitor, an Ombudsman may contact other parties to informally facilitate a resolution.

In carrying out their responsibilities, the Ombudsman hold periodic meetings with the President of the Bank and other senior managers, issue periodic reports, and may be consulted on policies where their views and experience may be helpful.

The three Ombuds are jointly responsible for:

  • Formulating, implementing, managing, and monitoring the plans, goals, budget, and programs of the Ombuds Services office

  • Maintaining a data collection, analysis, and reporting process that protects confidentiality, and making regular reports based on anonymous aggregate data

  • Developing and executing a communication plan to promote awareness and understanding of Ombuds Services and the RWA Program, standards of practice, role and responsibilities

  • Monitoring of the Office’s practices and the manner of service delivery, in order to remain confidential, independent, impartial, and informal

  • Managing and promoting the Respectful Workplace Adviser (RWA) programme

  • Supervising, developing and supporting Ombuds Services staff

  • Maintaining constructive working relationships with relevant resources within the Bank including other offices of the Internal Justice Services (IJS)

  • Staying current in Ombuds practices through participation in the International Ombudsman Association (IOA), UNARIO and other relevant learning programmes and conferences


Submission Deadline: 6 Septemeber 2016

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