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Social Impact recruiting Human Resources and Recruitment Specialist

Amman, Jordan, 09 January 2020

Proposal Summary:

Social Impact (SI) is pursuing the USAID/YCLE Project anticipated to provide a wide range of services to USAID to enable it to monitor program performance and operational context effectively; evaluate the performance and results of USAID/Yemen programs; and learn and adapt for improved effectiveness. This contract is expected to result in strengthened Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) systems at USAID/Yemen and enhanced MEL capacity of local entities to improve accountability and increase the use of evidence for programming, learning, and adapting. YCLE will contribute to the U.S. Government's goal in Yemen of "laying a stronger foundation for a durable peace" and ensuring continued alignment and adaptive management among all Mission activities by providing services across five components:

  • Performance and Operational Context Monitoring and Verification Services;

  • Evaluation Services; Surveys, Analysis, Assessments, and Reporting Services;

  • Collaboration, Learning and Adaptive Management Services, and Program Support Services.

Position Summary:

SI is seeking a Jordanian Part-time Human Resources (HR)/Recruitment Specialist to support the USAID YCLE project to develop HR programs, including employee engagement and professional development, as well as recruitment strategies. YCLE is a five-year project scheduled to begin June 2020, based in Amman, Jordan.

Human Resources Responsibilities:

  • Onboard and offboard project employees, including arranging and conducting orientations for new staff and exit interviews. Set up employee benefits and payroll.

  • Manage employee files and maintaining complete confidentiality.

  • Ensure proper compliance and protocols are followed per local labor laws, SI policies, and USAID/Yemen and Jordan policies.

  • Other responsibilities, as determined by the Director of Finance & Administration.

Recruitment Responsibilities:

  • Lead full-cycle recruitment of expat and Jordanian consultant teams for monitoring, evaluation, and learning activities requested by USAID, typically within a two-week time frame, includes developing clear and thorough job advertisements and posting them to appropriate job boards and newspapers.

  • Source qualified candidates through various means; networking with partners to increase SI's pool of candidates. Screen for candidate skills, background, and quality.

  • Set up interviews for qualified candidates with other project staff members.

  • Recommend finalist candidates for each position.

  • Gather and organize candidate documents: 1420 Biographical Data forms, references, CVs, letters of commitment, conflict of interest forms, and salary and education verification documents.

  • Conduct verification of candidate references and salaries and referencing market data to determine and issue reasonable salary/rate offers.

  • Tailor candidate CVs and qualifications for presentation to USAID.

  • Maintain strong relationships between candidates, the Learns project, and SI.

  • Ensure the SI recruitment database, Taleo, is kept up to date with all candidate documentation, correspondence, interview notes, and statuses.

  • Lead full-cycle recruitment when a replacement is needed for Jordanian and, or Yemeni project employees.

  • Work closely with SI-HQ's recruitment team to ensure processes are followed.

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