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UNICEF recruiting Consultant to Develop Online Interactive National Nutrition Survey Database

Kenya, 09 March 2016


Statplanet PLUS is an interactive spatial data visualization platform, a one-stop shop mapping module allowing users to view survey results. It also functions as a database, allowing all survey data to be stored appropriately. It is a spatial product that emanates survey indicators as static choropleth maps and can be presented at national, county or sub-county level. It provides spatial representation of the various indicators over time and by location, allowing users to easily observe results by indicator, and in addition to maps also view data by trends, tables etc. allowing simplified visualization of survey results from anywhere. Development of a nutrition survey database using Stat planet PLUS would allow for quick and easy dissemination of nutrition information in Kenya for efficient decision making and planning.

Goals and Objectives:

Under the supervision of the Nutrition information Systems Officer, Nutrition Section, the consultant will:

  • Design and develop a nutrition survey database using STAT PLUS software or a similar software, an online interactive spatial data visualization platform that will allow for quick access and simple presentation of survey results. The data base will be hosted online on the nutrition sector website, and offline with the Ministry of Health, Nutrition M&E programme, and will include all available nutrition population based survey data collected in the country, from as far back as possible.

  • Train the relevant MOH, UNICEF and partners staff who will be responsible for maintaining and updating the database.

Activities and Tasks:

  • The consultant will develop, operationalize and maintain a user-friendly, interactive web-based spatial mapping database using STAT Planet PLUS or a similar software, that will include all validated, published and available nutrition survey data from SMART, Coverage, KAP-MIYCN, KDHS and other relevant nutrition surveys conducted in Kenya. The database will be housed at the M&E Unit of NDU.

  • He/She will develop file structures of nutrition indicators, actual data and their descriptions for viewing in the interactive map platform. In addition, the consultant will customize the interactive mapping platform to suit the needs and application of the nutrition sector in terms of data manipulation and basic analysis, this will include a function of importing the files to excel or other programmes and also downloading of maps and graphs.

  • The consultant will work very closely with the Nutrition Information Systems Officer, UNICEF, the M&E Programme managers, NDU of Ministry of Health, to ensure that all the required data to populate the database is available.

  • The consultant will work very closely with the Nutrition Information Officer UNICEF, M&E Manager NDU and the Nutrition Information Working Group to ensure all the nutrition survey indicators are presented in database, the sources of information are highlighted and all indicators included in the database are validated for quality the required quality to be shared with stakeholders

  • The consultant will also train and strengthen the capacity of NDU staff and nutrition sector partners in the use and visualization of data using the designed database

  • The consultant at the end of the assignment will present the completed database to the Nutrition Technical forum and relevant stakeholders, to sensitize users on how to access and use the database, and will provide technical support for a period of three months after the database has been handed over to the MOH

  • Develop a concise and clear user manual, on how to manage and update the database. This will give guidance to the MOH team on running the database. He/She will also support the MOH and Nutrition Information Systems Officer to develop a manual on standard operating procedures.

Work relationships:

The consultant, under supervision of the Nutrition Information Systems Officer, will work very closely with members of the NIWG to ensure all the aspects of nutrition surveys are included in the database, also to ensure all partners have submitted the required data in the agreed format. The consultant will attend the NIWG meetings during the duration of his contract to provide regular updates and presentations on progress.

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