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UNDP recruiting Expert for Foresight and Policy Making Event

Istanbul, Turkey, 09 April 2014


Within the framework of its work, UNDP Regional Centre for Europe and CIS (RSC) each year organizes a Research & Development (R&D) event whose purpose is to cover a novel approach or a trend that may apply to development (e.g. In 2012, the R&D event covered complexity science and development, in 2013 it covered behavioural science and gaming in policy making).  The intention is to continually scan the horizon for the new methods of problem solving that may apply to and support UNDP in responding more effectively to development priorities it is working on with its counterparts.

This year, mid-June, the R&D event will cover foresight and policy making (foresight via crowdsourcing, foresight via social media, foresight via big data, etc.).  Namely, the complex changes that are happening in the development, social, economic, technical and other aspects of the contemporary world requests also a different, future – oriented approach. The overall environment is dynamic and complex, exposed to various types of tensions (e.g. climate change, demographic challenges, evident future lack of resources etc.), while new value systems are emerging on the account of the traditional ones. Policy – and decision – makers are more and more oriented towards new methods of governance that is significantly based on future oriented plans and scenarios. This also refers to the area of development. Foresight is based on strategic framework of participative, transparent; accountable, communicative practices that lead to better understanding of the presence and better – informed policies for the future. Therefore the ideas is to bring several top notch outfits with very practical yet different methods of conducting foresight and present it to UNDP colleagues, while addressing certain particular issues that the Country Offices (COs) are facing.

In this context UNDP RSC is seeking to deepen its understanding of the insights foresight and policy making can bring to design new professional services for public policies and development programs and to explore possibility of integrating these insights into its development programmes. Therefore UNDP seels to engage a short-term International Consultant who will present the current state of affairs in foresight while addressing certain particular issues that the COs are facing.

Duties and Responsibilities

RSC is seeking the support of a consultant to deliver the following services:

  • Work with Knowledge and Innovation Team (KIT) staff to define the content and agenda for the first day of the event, advice on its structure from the perspective of foresight for policy making, methodologies and its practical applications;

  • Design, deliver and co-facilitate one day during the 2-day event in Istanbul (1 day will consist of a presentation of the current state of the affairs on foresight, methodological approach and implementation of practical work on selected case studies);

  • Provide background materials and specific case studies to UNDP;

  • Advise on how to structure potential follow up activities ensuing from the event.


Task 1 - 30% of total amount paid upon delivery of following services by 15th May 2014:

  • Agenda for the part of the event focused on foresight in policy making (covering foresight via crowdsourcing, social media, gaming);

  • Research content and case studies that are particularly suitable for development organization and governmental audiences with respect to implementation of the foresight in policy making;

  • Preparation of case study and support materials that can be used during the event as well as for future learning activities.

Task 2 - 70% of total amount paid upon delivery of following services by 20th June 2014:

  • Co-facilitation of the event and facilitation of the inputs of other speakers/participants on that day, in cooperation with K&I team;

  • Presentation of the comprehensive state of affairs on foresight globally and analysis of 2-3 concrete case studies that look at a particular development problem a client has, a method to address it, and the subsequent action;

  • Design and chair at least 1 working group session where the participants will be lead through the process of addressing a development problem into something that can be addressed by a particular foresight methodology;

  • A short report with key takes from the event and recommendations for action in the format of a blog.


Home based, with travel one approximately 2-day mission to Istanbul, Turkey.

View the ECN Sub-Contracting Notice (accessible by ECN Executive and Expert Members - Login to View).

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