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UNOPS recruiting Programme Officer

Geneva, Switzerland, 09 May 2014


The purpose of this post is to support WSSCC’s policy advocacy, networking and communications, primarily at national and regional level. The incumbent is an advocacy and communications professional based in WSSCC’s small Secretariat In Geneva.  The incumbent will be a member of the Advocacy and Communications team, and as such will contribute to a range of functions of this department, including project management, advocacy, the production of information, education and communications materials (both print and electronic) and outreach to both internal and external audiences especially in French. In addition, this team member will also be the project officer for a large programme led by the Networking and Knowledge Management team requiring dedicated time, responsibilities, travel and reporting. S/he will help develop and strengthen WSSCC’s policy advocacy work in West Africa and wider through a newly launched partnership with UN Women in the West Africa region: support to the West African Journalists’ Network and other regional networks including civil society in the region. S/he will also work with the Learning Systems and Knowledge Management Officers across WSSCC to strengthen participation in the WASH sector Community of Practice. More detail about each of these initiatives is provided below.

The incumbent will also be responsible for communications in support of membership, communities of practice, learning and knowledge sharing particularly in West, Central and Southern Africa:

  • Work with the Learning Systems Officer to build and strengthen participation in the Community of Practice (CoP) from this region.

  • Support updating of WSSCC CoP on LinkedIn (monitoring discussions, responding to queries, sharing information) with a regional focus - always working in partnership with the Learning Systems Officer and Knowledge and Policy Officers in NKM, and the Knowledge Management Officer in GSF.

  • Communicate about the CoP with a view to promoting key discussions and securing new members.

  • Participate in on-going review and updating of CoP Communications strategy where needed.

Under support to national engagement, GSF, National Coordinators and National Coalitions:

  • Participate in regular e-meetings with the focal points for GSF Comms and the NCs.

Functional Responsibilities

Communications and outreach

  • Provide editorial and production support for the development of print and online communications, advocacy and knowledge products, including newsletters, brochures, reports and exhibition materials.

  • Translate or proofread French-language products as required.

  • Liaise closely with Advocacy and Communications staff responsible for editorial and publications production and related traffic management during the development of communications products and tools, as well as WSSCC members, partners, national coordinators, Global Sanitation Fund and other stakeholders

  • Support marketing and other outreach about WSSCC products to selected stakeholders at internal, national and international levels.

  • Support corporate communications – including the development of corporate communications print and AV materials, website and involvement at events.

Project Officer for WSSCC UN Women Partnership:

  • Coordinate and manage the regional programme under the guidance of PM NKM

  • Help identify and support national and regional consultants engaged from WSSCC’s roster to work with UN Women on this programme.

  • Support the roll-out, quality and strategic linkages and opportunities presented by this work on PEPAM, GSF, local Universities, regional conferences and civil society stakeholders and sector learning.

  • Develop media and advocacy linkages as the programme develops.

  • Travel as appropriate to support events, training, reporting linked to this programme.

  • Support annual reviews, mid-term evaluation and inter agency learning. 

Media networks and outreach to external and internal audiences:

  • Manage and support WSSCC’s media partnerships including its support to the West Africa WASH media network, as well as potential support to networks in East and Southern Africa.

  • Identify and develop strategic opportunities for profiling WASH in the media, and raising WSSCC’s profile.

  • Develop media materials, plan and implement media events, trainings and initiatives

  • Build relationships with journalists and media outlets globally and in WSSCC target countries.  Organize and facilitate events (launches, meetings, sessions, workshops etc.)

  • Support media, communications and outreach work as directed by the Programme Manager Advocacy and communications and the Senior Communications and Outreach Officer as and when needed.

Communities of Practice, Dissemination

  • Engage with WSSCC’s activities and thematic work related to behaviour change at scale, including support to the Global Community of Practice on Sanitation and Hygiene and WSSCC membership as needed.

  • Link participants and trainees from workshops and knowledge networks, media trainings in Francophone region to WASH CoP and other behaviour change and equity discussions and exchange.

  • Work with a local consultant to develop a Menstrual Hygiene Management sub group for the Francophone community of practice, linking to WSSCC learning systems in Geneva and WSSCC’s global MHM work with Senegal as the hub.

  • Work with the learning systems officer to improve dissemination of tools, knowledge and advocacy materials for French and English speaking practioners and policy makers – through partner organizations, regional meetings and events.

  • Performs other tasks as directed by Supervisor.

Impact of results

The post contributes to the following organizational results:

  • This post contributes directly to WSSCC Medium Term Strategic Plan 2012-2016 (MTSP) outcomes 1 (Access and Use), Outcome 2 (Equity), Outcome 3 (Involvement), 4 (Knowledge and Skills) and 5 (Delivery).

  • Output 1(f): WSSCC’s ideas inspire other organizations to deliver sanitation and hygiene programmes at scale.

  • Output 2(c) WSSCC’s networking, knowledge management and advocacy contributes positively to reaching poor and marginalized groups

  • Output 2 (d): National Monitoring systems for WASH include behaviour change and effectively monitor equity.

  • Output 3 (b): Strong and credible civil society participates in and shares responsibility for accelerating work in sanitation

  • Output 3(c): More people and organizations outside the conventional sanitation sector become involved in sanitation and hygiene work.

  • Output 4(b): A Community of Practice on sanitation and hygiene, integrated with WSSCC’s membership, and drawing on knowledge and experience generated by members and the GSF, contributes to learning on priority questions and disseminates innovative and successful ideas.

The post contributes to the following communications objectives:

  • Position WSSCC as a leading voice on safe sanitation and effective hygiene practices.

  • Support WSSCC’s advocacy in favour of effective, equitable, low-cost, demand-led solutions to sanitation and hygiene challenges.

  • Facilitate internal communications – within the Secretariat, and between the Secretariat, partners, and members.

  • Contribute to the effective implementation of all WSSCC’s activities – including its networking, knowledge management, membership, partnership and Global Sanitation Fund activities.

  • Mobilize support for WSSCC’s work and efforts.

Contract duration: 1 year initially, renewable subject to satisfactory performance and funding availability.

View the ECN Sub-Contracting Notice (accessible by ECN Executive and Expert Members - Login to View).

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