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Tender: Daily Media Monitoring Services

Bulgaria, 09 September 2015


The European Institution (EI) launches this procedure aiming to award a one year framework contract for daily monitoring of written press (national/regional), audiovisual media (radio, TV) and the main online (internet) media. The total duration of the contract shall be a maximum of four years. Performance of the contract shall not begin until the framework contract is signed. Any renewal of the contract shall take place in accordance with the terms laid down in the contract.

The Daily Press Review must be delivered at 9:00 AM CET and must contain on average 15 summaries/per language and 12 press clippings per day identified in the main print press and online sources. For this edition, the European Institution requests that each article is summarized in English and in Bulgarian, 800 characters maximum for each language with title and spaces included. The accurate translation into English of the title together with the original version is required. The distribution of summaries and clippings is of approximately 70 percent for EI's themes and 30 percent for "European and National contexts" themes. Also, the selection should give priority to newspapers and then to their online versions.

The Daily Audiovisual Review must be delivered at 9:30 AM CET and consist of a daily estimated average of 7 audiovisual summaries/per language on a monthly basis (the total is daily average number of items multiplied with effective working days per month). This edition will follow the same themes structure and order and same indications as the 9:00 AM daily press review.

Special media monitoring services

"Thematic Media Reviews" ~ a selection of the relevant media items on a specific theme covering a defined time period upon request from the EI defining the topic, the sources to be covered and the media items to be delivered. Such a review could be requested, for instance, on the coverage of a European Institution plenary session, a visit of a Member of the EI to a specific country or a press conference organized by one of the Members or by the EI, etc. Thematic media reviews could also focus on specialized media.

When the order will be launched the maximum number of summaries and the maximum number of clippings will be identified, eventually as well the maximum number of sources.

Other services

Assistance in defining a representative list of media sources based on an in-depth understanding of the media landscape, audience reach, and overall media significance of the different sources at national, regional and local level.


Submission Deadline: 1 October 2015

Also view the ECN Procurement Notice (accessible by ECN Executive Members - Login to View)

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