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Project Monitoring Consultancy: Water and Wastewater and District Heating Framework in Kazakhstan

Austria, 09 October 2015


To oversee the implementation of the EPFA Water Framework and the EFPA District Heating Framework (together the "EFPA Frameworks"), the Bank now intends to engage three individuals, to act as Project Monitoring Consultants who will work in close co-operation with the European Bank and with the respective Project Implementation and Corporate Development consultants under each sub-project and carry out the scope of services as set out below (the "Assignment"). The Project Monitoring Consultants would include a Project Manager (the "Project Manager"), who would also have the lead role and coordinating function between the individuals, plus two Sector Engineers (each specialising in one of the two focus sectors) (the "Sector Engineers") (together, the "Experts").

The expected outcome of the Assignment is to assist the European Bank to monitor implementation of the sub-projects under the EPFA Frameworks; to ensure that investments are implemented on time and within budget, and in accordance with the sub-project investment plans.

This invitation for expressions of interest is for the District Heating Sector Engineer. Please see corresponding procurement notices for the roles of the Project Manager and the Water and Wastewater Sector Engineer. The Experts will be expected to coordinate and work together fully to achieve the aims of the Assignment.

The District Heating Sector Engineer is expected to provide the following services:

Monitor sub-project implementation under the EPFA Frameworks

The Project Manager, together with the Sector Engineer, will review the implementation arrangements in place to ensure that they are sufficient to support successful implementation. To this end, the they will observe, assess and report on the:

  • sub-project implementation arrangements including the sub-project organisation, staffing, sub-project management systems, arrangements for construction, identification and management, and contract management for signed EPFA sub-projects;
  • quality control/assurance systems, confirming that there is no evidence of any material problems with current or expected future quality and that the investments are likely to meet the specified technical, environmental and social performance requirements at the date of operation.

Progress and costs against schedule and budget

The Project Manager, together with the Sector Engineer, will review, evaluate and comment on progress and costs against schedule and budget for the EPFA sub-projects. To this end, the following tasks will be undertaken:

  • monitor and report on sub-project progress including in design, procurement and construction. Verify and confirm that an adequate progress control system is in place and functioning properly. Report on actual progress versus the original plan.
  • monitor and report on sub-project costs. Confirm that adequate cost control systems are in place and working properly. Present a cost report showing the original budget, revised outcome estimate and variance for each budget item, highlight any actual or expected variance in the overall subproject cost and confirm whether or not the sub-project is likely to become operational within the given budget.

The review and comment on all relevant sub-project documentation and reports

The Project Manager, together with the Sector Engineer, shall:

  • review procurement documentation for contracts placed and tenders issued. Monitor payments for works, goods and services, and review cost certifications related to European Bank-financed contracts; 
  • confirm that all relevant sub-project documents, including “as built” drawings, manuals, etc., have been properly assembled, collated, indexed and handed over;
  • review payment certificates and disbursements and confirm that they are in compliance with the Loan Agreements and Implementation Agreements(eg used for the purposes for which they were intended, proportion between Loan and state funds are respected);
  • review on a sample basis, payment certificates, test results, and other relevant sub-project documentation. Compare the sub-project documentation with the actual works carried out on site, as necessary.

Assignment Start Date and Duration: The Assignment is expected to start in fourth quarter of 2015 – first quarter of 2016 and has an estimated overall duration of 36 months. 


Submission Deadline: 29 October 2015

Also view the ECN Procurement Notice (accessible by ECN Executive Members - Login to View)

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