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International Organisation hiring Renewable Energy Expert

Hanoi, Vietnam, 09 November 2015

Field of activity

The project Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (4E) supports the implementation of political targets on the promotion of renewable energy and increase energy efficiency in Vietnam. The aim of the cooperation in the field of renewable energy is the creation of methodological and structural foundations for the promotion of renewable energy (RE). Furthermore, the human and organizational capacity of relevant partner organizations in terms of the fundamentals of effective design, introduction and implementation of RE support measures and programmes should be strengthened. The focus of the RE activities of International Organisation in Vietnam is on biomass as well as wind energy; however, there might be small-scale, initial activities on solar energy too.


You are responsible for the technical, financial and personnel management of the Renewable Energy (RE) component within the project.

Your main tasks include:

  • Advise government (Ministry of Industry and Trade and affiliated institutions) and private institutions (e.g. industry associations) in the development and implementation of strategies to promote the use of RE sources in the existing energy mix

  • Use of macroeconomic cost-benefit analyses to showcase the potential cost-effectiveness of RE and their respective contribution to the average generation costs of the overall power system

  • Develop respective regulations and political incentive mechanisms to promote in particular private RE investments

  • Analyse and evaluate existing funding mechanisms and programmes (incl. those already supported by other donor agencies)

  • Transfer knowledge to partner institutions in the area of international best practices on preferential up-take of RE, connection requirements, norms and standards, etc. as well as on internationally accepted concepts on capacity management and capacity extension planning for the integration of variable RE

  • Analyse of subject-specific training needs and identification of appropriate training activities

  • Manage all project and financial activities of the RE

  • Coordinate international and national experts

  • Select, steer, and monitor national and international consultants as well as local implementation partners

  • Coordinate and network local, national and international actors in the field of renewable energy

  • Manage reports and knowledge management for the RE component

  • Represent the project externally / adaptations to the project activities and planning as well as acquisition of additional funding from both German as well as other funding sources

Assignment period: as soon as possible until January 2018

Submission Deadline:  22 November 2015

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