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Consultancy Services: Mongolia Green Economy Financing

Mongolia, 10 January 2019

Project Description:

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ("EBRD" or the "the Bank") aims to help create a market for climate change adaptation and mitigation technology solutions in line with the Bank's Green Economy Transition ("GET") approach. As such, the Green Economy Financing Facilities ("GEFF") programme transposes this approach by converting green opportunities into sound investments by providing innovating lines of finance to local Participating Financial Institutions ("PFIs") and by demonstrating the business case for investing in greener solutions.

The Mongolia Green Economy Financing Facility ("Mongolia GEFF" or the "Facility") will consist of up to USD 80 million of financing from the EBRD and the GCF made available to PFIs - banks, microfinance institutions and leasing companies - in Mongolia. PFIs will on-lend the proceeds for green investments in privately owned residential dwellings or buildings ("Residential Sub-projects") as well as private and commercially owned buildings and operations ("Commercial Sub-projects"). Eligible sub-borrowers will include individuals, housing associations, businesses, service providers (ESCOs), and vendors and producers of relevant technologies.

The Facility will build on the EBRD's previous GET investments in Mongolia, namely MonSEFF – a USD 25 million credit line first introduced in 2014 to provide for commercial and industrial sustainable energy investments. Mongolia GEFF will expand its scope and continue investments in the region, with the ultimate aim to reduce the country's high energy consumption and reduce its dependence on CO2 intensive sources of energy.

Assignment Description:

The Bank now intends to engage a Facility Consultant to support the implementation of the Mongolia GEFF. The objective of this Assignment is to transfer strategic know-how and raise awareness about modern energy performance and environmental standards to contribute to the creation of a demand-driven, self-sustaining market for investments in high performance technologies and services supporting a green economy.

This Technical Cooperation (TC) assignment will support the origination, assessment and implementation of eligible investments in the industrial-, commercial- and the residential sector as key sectors suffering from a lack of sustainable energy supply as well as a current stock of highly energy-inefficient materials and equipment.

Specific eligibility criteria for sub-projects and sub-borrowers are described in detail in the Policy Statement which will be annexed to the Loan Agreement between the EBRD and the PFI. The eligibility criteria as specified in the Policy Statement will be made available to the Consultant by the EBRD.

The specific objectives are to:

  • Support the implementation of the Mongolia Green Economy Financing Facility (the "Facility"), resulting in a portfolio of eligible Sub-projects.

  • Verify and confirm that Sub-projects financed by each Sub-loan ("Sub-projects") have been completed substantially in line with eligibility requirements of the Facility.

The selected Consultant is expected to provide the following services:

  • Establish and maintain a full time, fully functional project office in Ulaanbaatar

  • Adopt, maintain and update the Facility documents and tools as provided by the EBRD

  • Prepare a Quality Assurance Manual for the Facility

  • Prepare a Marketing Plan for the Facility, and promote the Facility with marketing activities throughout its implementation

Provide direct support to the PFIs by:

  • Creating PFI-specific Action Plans

  • Supporting PFI understanding of EBRD / GEFF policies and procedures

  • Providing marketing & project origination advice

  • Assessing needs of the PFI and delivering training and capacity building as required

  • Supporting the PFI in development of a green financial product that specifically targets the PFI client base (at the request of the PFI)

  • Support prospective sub-borrowers to identify potential investment opportunities under the Facility

  • Develop and maintain a country specific Technology Selector for simplified assessment of Sub-projects

  • Provide PFI with Sub-project Eligibility Determination and Project Assessment as required

  • Verify completed Sub-projects

  • Ensure the correct tracking, monitoring and reporting of the Facility data

  • Develop and Implement a Gender and Social Inclusion Action Plan for the Facility

  • Assist with the implementation of Policy Dialogue activities

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