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Tender: Data Collection, Validation and Analysis under Indicator Framework for Monitoring the Youth Guarantee

Belgium, 10 February 2016


In April 2013 the Council adopted a Recommendation establishing a Youth Guarantee (YG), an EU framework to develop policies to fight youth unemployment. The YG is a new approach to tackling youth unemployment which ensures that all young people under 25 – whether registered with employment services or not – get a good-quality, concrete offer within 4 months of leaving formal education or becoming unemployed. The good-quality offer should be for a job, apprenticeship, traineeship, or continued education and be adapted to each individual needs and situation.

The ensuing 2013 European Council conclusions invited Member States to submit YG Implementation Plans, covering details on implementation, the roles of public authorities and other actors, sources of funding, arrangements for monitoring and evaluation and the envisaged timetable. By May 2014, the European Commission had received plans from all EU Member States.

The Council Recommendation invited EU Member States to put in place evidence-based approaches and called on the European Commission to monitor and report regularly on Youth Guarantee schemes. The European Commission assesses the national Youth Guarantee Implementation plans and their implementation in the context of the European Semester – the EU's yearly cycle of economic policy coordination aimed at encouraging and monitoring progress towards the Europe 2020 targets. In parallel, the European Commission together with the Employment Committee (EMCO) pursues multilateral surveillance on the YG implementation.

Subject of the contract

The contract includes:

  • the provision of technical support to the European Commission and Member States during the process of annual data collection and its validation;

  • the production of statistics and derived indicators on the direct and follow-up indicators of Youth Guarantee schemes, following the data provided by EU Member States and the labour force survey;

  • the management and further development of the database and all necessary related tools gathering together such statistics and indicators (or, subject to agreement by the European Commission, the development of a new database incorporating all existing and future data) and,

  • analysis and dissemination of results. The data concerned will relate to direct and follow-up indicators as identified in the Indicator Framework for Monitoring the Youth Guarantee and collected through the 2015 data collection and subsequent yearly waves of data collection to be launched in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

In particular:

  • The contractor shall support the European Commission in the yearly data collection exercises covering EU Member States. These are to include the direct, follow-up and list of offers templates data.

  • The contractor shall provide a sound validation of the data utilising a database.

  • The contractor shall also process the data (i.e. calculating/ preparing/analysing all the necessary statistics and indicators as requested by the European Commission) to be used for further analysis and dissemination.

  • In terms of the dissemination of the results, the contractor shall prepare analytical reports as requested by the European Commission in support of relevant seminars and meetings regarding the yearly data collection exercises. The contractor shall support the European Commission in the drafting of the 2016 policy report on the Implementation of the Youth Guarantee by providing the necessary analytical input in connection to data collection. Work will also include active participation in methodological meetings with the Commission and Member States when relevant.

  • The contractor will be asked to further improve, if necessary, tools for data collection and validation. The contractor shall also provide recommendations for methodological improvements, to be discussed with the European Commission, thus adding/refining the existing methodological manual.

Time schedule and reporting

The service contract will be awarded for a duration of 3 years from the date of signature of the contract by the last signing party.

For the 2016 wave there will be two deadlines for data collection: a deadline for delivering data by the end of May 2016 for direct monitoring and by the end of September 2016 for follow-up monitoring (dates to be confirmed and subject to change).


Submission Deadline: 6 April 2016

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