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IFI Tender: Workshop on Sanctions in Trade Finance Banking

10 April 2014

International sanctions are commonly described as coercive (also punitive) measures adopted by a country or group of countries against another state or legal person(s) or individual(s) in order to elicit a change in their behavior.

International economic sanctions including trade sanctions are typically a restriction or ban on trade, possibly limited to certain sectors such as armaments, nuclear materials, etc., or with certain exceptions (food, medicine, other).

Trade sanctions can be a type of economic sanction applied also for non-political reasons, frequently as part of a trade dispute, or for purely economic reasons, and typically involving tariffs or similar measures, rather than bans as such.

The Bank seeks to engage a consultantto deliver a 1 day workshop to mid-level and senior management of selected banks to present and explain the different manifestations of international sanctions including their nature, principles, international codification establishment mechanisms, scope of geographic and legal applicability, validity and enforceability, and consequences (intended and observed) for trade finance banking operations including documentary banking and bilateral lending .

The Consultant shall draft a workshop agenda and programme to include particularly the topics and elements mentioned in the following:

  1. Introduce and explain the concept of international sanctions including the various types and forms including trade finance banking sanctions;

  2. Introduce and provide reasonable insight on nature of different sanctions in terms of the scope of applicability, legality, validity, and enforceability, and present precedent case studies hereto;

  3. Review together with the attendees sample precedent cases including sanctions against sovereigns, legal and physical entities, with an outline of specific aspects and conditions of introduction and applicability of international sanctions;

  4. Present and explain in detail the intended as well as practical outcomes of imposition of different types of international sanctions using precedent case studies;

  5. Outline the legal impact of international sanctions on the trade finance banking operations including implications for country and counterparty approval procedures in banks, and practical issues for the documentary business operations in front and back office and present case studies hereto;

  6. Upon request, host a question & answer secession at each of the workshops with the attendees providing insight on any specific, workshop topic related matter.

  7. Test the attendees at the end of the workshop and hand out certificates about workshop completion (test format and content shall be agreed with Operations Leader in course of workshop drafting as per para. 1 above, draft certificate to be submitted to the Operations Leader for approval).

The indicative budget is EUR 125,000.

Deadline: 1 May 2014

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