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European Bank hiring Head of Unit in Non-EU Public Sector

Luxembourg, 10 May 2016


The Head of Unit manages a team of Financial Monitoring Officers (FMOs), taking responsibility for the overall output and quality of the monitoring activity in the Unit. 

Specific post Environment          

The Transaction Management and Restructuring Directorate (TMR) monitors counterparts and contracts and acts on contractual events under its responsibility, as well as on distressed transactions, to protect EIB's financial interests and reputation. The Directorate is responsible for the Financial Monitoring, Event Resolution and Restructuring of (i) EU and non-EU counterparts, (ii) EU and non-EU fully invested funds and equity as well as (iii) EU and non-EU private sector distressed transactions and (iv) non-EU projects. TMR is also responsible for developing and updating Bank-wide Financial Monitoring Guidelines. 

TMR/Counterparty Management(CM)/Public Sector (PS) is the Division responsible for the monitoring of public sector deals and counterparts both in the EU and outside of the EU. The Division’s activities comprise, inter alia, the Internal Rating coverage for the public sector counterparts (excluding non-EU sovereigns, which are rated by ECON), the monitoring of their contractual compliance, the resolution of problems during loan life, the relationship with the counterparts. The Division is organised in two Units, one with a focus on counterparts in EU and Candidate countries, and another one with a focus on projects outside of the EU and Candidate countries.

Operating Network

Under the supervision of the Head of PS Division, the successful candidate will cooperate closely with the other Head of Unit in the Division. In addition, s/he will interact with other Directorates, Departments and Divisions across the Bank, in particular with Operations (OPS), Projects, Legal, Risk Management and with the other Divisions in TMR. S/he will also have external contact with counterparts, borrowers and/or primary guarantors (public enterprises or Ministries) as well as with the co-lenders, sector experts and/or technical assistance consultants, as well as other stakeholders of the monitored projects (e.g. EC delegations).


  • Manage a unit responsible for key financial monitoring lending operations related non-EU counterparts, ensuring with the team the effective handling of special event resolutions transferred from other operational teams (mainly OPS).

  • Provide input to Head of Division in the elaboration of the TMR wider financial monitoring strategy and policies for signed EIB operations by reviewing and determining monitoring needs and by suggesting goals and priorities in order to ensure that the overall policies reflect practical operational needs and best monitoring practices.

  • In the Bank’s financial and policy interests, guide and support the team members in internal and external problem solving and negotiations and ensure knowledge of best practices, guidelines and policies are shared within the team, unit and ultimately within the whole division if required.

  • Contribute to implement financial monitoring polities and initiatives in own domain and pro-actively formulate proposals to improve systems, procedures, and methods.

  • Plan, coordinate and supervise the execution of key monitoring processes in compliance with EIB risk management policies and monitoring procedures, ensuring the overall quality of the Unit’s output in line with the standard set at Division level.

  • Review and validate the analyses performed by the FMOs in their Project Monitoring Reports, and/or counterpart reviews and scoresheets where these fall within the coverage responsibilities.

  • Guide and supervise FMOs on notes or any other documents issued by the Unit.

  • Organise work in an efficient and balanced manner within the Unit, so as to ensure the smooth progression throughout the year and the achievement of the objectives of the Division.

  • Ensure appropriate follow-up of projects and counterparts, and closely coordinate with PJ in relation to any problem cases during project implementation.

  • Support the staff members in addressing specific internal or external operational issues where necessary, referring inter alia to bank counterparts under direct TMR relationship.

  • Ensure a high level of coordination and communication between the Units and the Head of Division, including possible back-up and co-responsibility where appropriate, as well as cooperation on a number of horizontal tasks.

  • Manage or participate in ad-hoc projects linked to the development of the Division, the Department or the Directorate, as well as in working groups with other Directorates.

  • Provide guidance, support and training to staff within the Unit, with a strong emphasis on EIB procedures, monitoring issues and operational/reputational issues.

  • Ensure all members of the Unit have the right competencies, objectives and motivation to deliver on the expected results, and deploy the right level of delegation within the Unit according to the seniority of the MOs managed.

  • Co-operate with the Head of Division in the objective setting and appraisal process for the team, also participating in the mid-year and year-end appraisal meetings. Keep track of the workload and performance of the team members throughout the year, and provide timely input to the Head of Division in this respect.

  • Participate, along with the other Head of Unit and the Head of Division, to the recruitment process for new staff in the Division.


Submission Deadline: 26 May 2015

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