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Tender: Non-governmental Partner Organization to Support Project Management

Italy, 10 September 2015


United Nations is therefore looking for a non-governmental Partner Organization to undertake a project for supporting UN with qualified professional individuals who may be deployed in the Territorial Commissions (and Sections) for the Recognition of International protection. The selected Partner Organization will be responsible for the management and provision of dedicated and qualified pool of individuals, for their coordination – including through the organization of training events, in consultation with UN RRSE - and for the monitoring of their performance. A total of at least 48 qualified individuals will be required (41 individuals working in the Territorial Commissions and Sections, 5 individuals with coordination and substitution functions and 1 with administrative and human resources management functions). UN will remain responsible for opinions expressed and performance of its designated representatives, and should therefore retain monitoring responsibilities. While recruited designated representatives will be managed by selected Partner Organization, UN will retain the prerogative to recommend the termination of a contract and will review performance jointly with Partner Organization.

The Partner Organization and the pool of qualified individuals should be fully conversant with international refugee law, relevant EU and Italian legislation, as well as relevant UN protection documents (including the UN Handbookand Guidelines on Procedures and Criteria for Determining Refugee Status, UN’s RSD Procedural Standards, UN’s protection Manual).

Compliance with Italian labor legislation and taxation is required from both national and international non-governmental organizations applying for this Call of expression of interest.

Tasks and responsibilities

Objective 1: Conduct Refugee Status Determination, representing UN’s positions, in the State procedure (Territorial Commissions for the recognition of International protection needs)

Output: Participation in the Territorial Commissions and conduct refugee status determination, in compliance with UN guidelines and positions, with a view to ensure efficiency, fairness and quality.

Objective 2: Provide technical support through capacity building, including on-the-job-training

Output: Progress obtained from 2005 to 2015, will be maintained. Fairness and efficiency will be further improved.

Objective 3: Contribute to consistency among the Territorial Commissions (and Sections)

Output: A consistent approach among all qualified individuals, designated by UN, while contributing to enhanced consistency between the Territorial Commissions.


Project Period: 1 January 2016 – 31 December 2016.


Submission Deadline: 5 October 2015

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