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Business Plan Competition - Make Innovation Work!

Athens, 10 October 2013

Making Innovation Work

Featured Project

The American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and the Athens Exchange have launched the 2nd Make Innovation Work Competition, a major initiative to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in Greece. The  MIW competition is supported by major international and local companies and organizations.

This competition will award five innovative business ideas with a cash prize of EUR 45,000, together with additional benefits:

  • Free provision of software by specialized company, worth EUR 5,000 euros,

  • Free provision of consulting services, by a specialized company, worth EUR 20,000.

  • Free organizing of two-hour presentations (roadshow) by specialized companies regarding four investment schemes operating in financing venture capitals, of a total length of eight (8) hours.

  • Free provision of tailor-made presentation of consultantιng services regarding business planning and strategy adoption and/or improvement, by experienced executives from the fields of two investment and development companies, total length of two (2) hours in minimum.

  • Free provision of legal services in matters of corporate/ tax law/ intellectual and industrial property, by a specialized law firm, worth EUR 5,000.

  • Free education seminar for up to four people from each of the five winners (20 attendees in total) from a specialized institute, total length of twenty four (24) hours.

  • Free provision of a full public relations and digital public relations support of six months duration, worth EUR 21,000.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are recognized as two of the most important components to drive economic growth and job creation, leading to a sustainable economy that supports local and foreign direct investment (FDI). New ideas, new business models, and new mindsets lie at the heart of an entrepreneurial ecosystem that allow individuals to forge new, self-directed careers and create exciting and rewarding partnerships.

The Make Innovation Work business plan competition is designed to help bring innovative ideas to market. Equally important, it is designed to spur the imagination, foster the notion that the best way forward is one that is self-directed, and provide the tools and assistance that people need to enter a challenging, rewarding, and deeply satisfying career path.

A basic factor for the development of the Greek Economy is to prioritize those sectors in which Greece, due to the country’s geopolitical position and characteristics, has competitive advantages.

These sectors are the ones selected for the thematic categories of the competition “Make Innovation Work”:

  •     Energy and the Environment

  •     Tourism and Culture

  •     Alternative Agriculture

  •     Transportation, Logistics and Shipping

  •     Health and Wellness

Specifically, the proposals’ innovative character should not necessarily refer to the final product or service, but to the general production process of a product or service, as well as to its methodology or means of implementation. Special emphasis will be put on the implementation and sustainability of the submitted proposal both within the Greek business environment and the international markets.

All adult Greek as well as European citizens and foreigners legally living and working in Greece, and meeting all the relevant legal prerequisites, individuals of the wider Greek Diaspora, as well as businesses or foundations mostly of Greek interests or associations/groups of people consisting of Greek or European citizens or individuals of the wider Greek Diaspora, including Cyprus, are entitled to participate in the present Competition. Legal Entities/foundations or groups/associations of people may participate in the Competition through their legal or authorized representatives.

In total, there will be five (5) winners of the present Competition.

Deadline: 31 October 2013

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