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UNDP recruiting Marketing and Outreach Manager

New York, United States of America, 10 October 2014


The Manager, Marketing and Outreach, is responsible for a team providing corporate communications support services and strategic outreach. The Manager, Marketing and Outreach contributes significantly to UNDP’s culture of communications and supports UNDP’s branding and marketing through development of public information, marketing, advertising and awareness-raising campaigns; production of communications products including donor-targeted materials; expanded multilingual services for translation of Communications materials; development and dissemination of strategic tools and training; as well as targeted outreach to position the organization among key partners and stakeholders.

Under the supervision of the Director of Communications and in close collaboration with the Deputy Director and other Team Managers, the Manager, Marketing and Outreach develops and implements a plan to bolster Communications efforts across the organization, with a particular focus on raising UNDP’s profile, producing and coordinating donor-related communications with the other Communications teams, and coordinating capacity-building in country offices and other Bureaux. S/he must work closely and collaboratively with the Deputy Director and other Communications Group Managers in order to strengthen UNDP’s messages across all Communications Group work including media, advocacy, online and digital communications.

The Manager, Marketing and Outreach oversees a team that includes 4 Communications Analysts/Specialists and 1 Communications Associate.

Duties and Responsibilities

In this section list the five primary responsibilities of the position.  As needed add additional context below the responsibilities.  Tip: Focus on what the job entails now how to do the job.

Strengthen UNDP’s strategic outreach, branding, marketing and public information capacity:

  • Conceptualize and implement a comprehensive strategy for outreach and positioning of UNDP, including developing, coordinating, and generating external partnerships and support for branding and marketing campaigns with multiple target audiences;

  • Strengthen outreach to donors and other partners through strategic products and services in collaboration with the Partnerships Group, the Media and Advocacy and the Online and Digital Teams;

  • Review the processes and opportunities for mobilizing and training UNDP experts who can speak to external audiences on development and specific priority areas in a range of fora and in various UN languages and develop and implement a plan to support this deployment of experts as appropriate;

  • Leads, manages and motivates Marketing and Outreach team staff, overseeing personnel in the recruitment, performance and career management processes.

Provide editorial direction and implementation for corporate products:

  • In collaboration with the other Communications teams, manage the production of select corporate multilingual communications products (Illustrated Annual Report, brochures, fact sheets and other digital products, with a special focus on donor-related and targeted materials) and provide editorial support through writing, editing and/or translation services;

  • As an important focal point for coordination with the Partnership Group team, coordinate other donor communications requests and ideas across the other Communications Group teams.

Provide UNDP with  a range of communications training options:

  • In close collaboration with the Media and Advocacy and Digital teams, identify communications training needs and develop appropriate tools and methods to enhance communications skills at all levels across the organization;

  • In collaboration with regional offices, develop and implement a communications training plan as needed for country offices, and establish measurable goals and targets for regional and country-level training needs;

  • In collaboration with the Media and Advocacy and the Digital Teams, develop and implement training options through deployment of in-house communications experts or identification of external communications companies to enhance communications capacities in regions and country offices.

Contribute to brand consistency and quality management through advisory support for a range of multilingual communications services and tools:

  • Oversee the provision of advisory services for writing/editing, translation, and dissemination of multilingual communications tools.

  • Develop and manage a comprehensive database of vendors – writers, editors, designers and translators;

  • Increase UNDP’s multilingual presence through translation services in all UN languages;

  • Develop multilingual tools, templates and guidelines for corporate communications products and ensure visual coherence of the UNDP brand;

  • Update, maintain and enhance marketing of the UNDP Communications Toolkit;

  • Provide marketing strategies tailored to specific clients’ needs;

  • Ensure consistency and common messaging in UNDP communications.

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