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Call for Proposal: ReferNet Framework Partnership Agreements 2016-2019

Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Malta, 10 November 2015


Vocational education and training (VET) addresses young people and adults in a lifelong and lifewide perspective; it prepares for different qualification levels; it takes the form of initial or continuing learning and is offered by a wide range of different institutions; VET(-oriented learning) takes place in formal, non-formal as well as informal settings.

Objectives and nature of the call

With the objective of establishing a European network for VET – ReferNet –, this call aims at selecting one applicant from Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland and Malta, with which the organisation will conclude a four-year framework partnership agreement, and at concluding with each successful applicant a specific grant agreement for a work plan to be carried out in 2016.

Framework partnership agreements are implemented through Specific grant agreements. The Framework partnership agreement defines the legal and financial framework and the scope of activities. Specific grant agreements define the partner’s annual work plans. Applicants are therefore required to submit:

  • a proposal for a four-year framework partnership agreement for the year 2016-2019; and

  • a grant application for work to be carried out under a specific agreement for 2016 (1st January – 31 December 2016).

Purpose of the action

VET varies considerably between Member States. Analysis and understanding of policy developments and achievements within and across countries requires thorough information on how VET and labour market work. This requires timely and accurate information on VET’s role, purpose, outcomes, governance and structure. Considered in its specific socio-economic and labour market context and tradition, this information helps understand countries’ starting points and the progress they have made.

Wide ranging expertise is required to capture VET’s role as an interface between education, employment, economic and social policies. To support evidence-based decision-making in VET, research findings, key documents and statistical data need to underpin analyses.

National ReferNet partners are well placed to inform on VET systems and VET-related issues in their specific context and on relevant policy developments. ReferNet partners have the capacity to collect first-hand information from different stakeholders. They can also pool knowledge and experience from policy-making, implementation, evaluation and research at national, regional, local and sectoral levels

ReferNet is also expected to help raising the visibility of the organisation, its products and more generally VET issues at national level. The national ReferNet partner acts as multiplier and dissemination channel in the country, targeting various audiences.

National ReferNet partners’ online presence, through national ReferNet websites, can help improving visibility and dissemination. ReferNet websites also support exchanges of information with the organisation and other national ReferNet websites.

Therefore, the organisation will require national ReferNet partners to:

  • report on VET policy and the way VET-related objectives of Europe’s 2020 strategy and other European VET and related policy priorities are being addressed in their countries;

  • provide up-to-date information on VET systems and the way VET is developing in their country;

  • deliver thematic and other support to complement the information on VET systems and/or address topical information needs; and

  • carry out visibility activities, including maintenance and update of a national ReferNet site.


Submission Deadline: 2 December 2015

Also view the ECN Procurement Notice (accessible by ECN Executive Members - Login to View)

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