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International Organisation hiring Adviser of e-Solutions for Business

Geneva, Switzerland, 10 December 2014


The overall strategy of the Division of Business and Institutional Support (DBIS) is to provide appropriate solutions through TSI capacity building, with respected and visible networks and a conducive business environment, to assure and build up the international competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and small exporters in developing countries.

The aim of the Enterprise Competiveness (EC) section is to empower SMEs in developing countries to realize their trade potential in order to grow the economy, create jobs and reduce poverty.


Under the overall supervision of the Chief, Enterprise Competitiveness (EC) and direct supervision of the Senior Adviser International Marketing and Branding, the e-Solutions for Business Adviser will:

  • Closely coordinate project implementation with the other Organisation divisions and sections. In doing so, s/he will actively contribute to the project planning, implementation and evaluation activities undertaken by the Enterprise Competitiveness (EC) on marketing-related matters and crosscutting themes.

  • Implement specific projects, especially in the framework of large Organisation programmes, with an emphasis on online marketing and the electronic commerce of goods and services, coordinate the work of projects' consultants, acting as the section's focal point for these projects, and ensure timely delivery of projects.

  • Carry out specialized training on the above-mentioned practice area, with an emphasis on online marketing, e-commerce and digital networking for SMEs in developing countries and transition economies.

  • Participate in and facilitate seminars organized by the section or other sections of the organization, as well as representing the section at in-house meetings.

  • Contribute to the promotion of Organisation's tools and services in beneficiary countries in the framework of the project implementation process, in particular on the basis of digital marketing techniques and blended learning applications.

  • Contribute to the Business Development effort by providing clear explanations of methodologies for projects and the potential value of e-Solutions toward potential beneficiaries and donors.

  • Participate in the review of projects initiated by other groups in Organisation in order to identify potential projects for the e-Solutions for Business team; represent the other members of the team (including export marketing and branding), ensure that they are informed about such potential projects and that their input is taken into consideration in the design of the projects.

  • Cultivate a list of potential beneficiaries and projects that could be undertaken by the EC e-Solutions for Business team, as well as contribute to further develop project-related networks through maintaining regular contacts with project stakeholders and mobilize new members, further to the expansion of Organisation's activities in related export development. New members will be selected from both the business communities and trade promotion institutions.

  • Research and develop fact sheets (reporting on innovation, best practice, guidelines and international standards in digital marketing and commerce and online networking statistics and other information) for internal and external purposes.

  • Design and develop performance indicators for the function.

  • Based on Organisation's results-based management methodology and criteria provide timely reports in order to ensure proper impact measurement and technical assistance sustainability, taking Into account the methodology defined by large projects.

  • Prepare and write presentations, reports, newsletters and web pages on themes appropriate to his/her duties and specialization, plus research, edit, present and update information for members of the project networks, ensuring that all content is up-to-date and relevant.

  • Contribute to the preparation of sector-focused case-studies on web marketing and e-commerce related issues as well as market and statistical research reports.

  • Perform other duties as required.

Deadline: 12 December 2014

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