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UNOPS recruiting ICT Senior Developers

Valencia, Spain, 11 April 2019


Based in Geneva, the Europe and Central Asia Regional Office (ECR) supports UNOPS offices throughout the region through: management, financial and programmatic oversight of global and country-specific portfolios, clusters and operations centres, including hosting services; fund and management advisory services; project implementation; procuring goods and services; and managing human resources.

ECR ensures that projects are executed to the highest standards, providing a shared knowledge base and ensuring that best practices and lessons learned are disseminated between business units and projects across the entire region.

ECR operates global portfolios from offices in Geneva, Brussels and New York, and country-specific programs from its operations and project centers located in Eastern Europe and Central Asian countries.


The demand for ICT services has been exploding in recent years in the area of Data Analytics, Video Conferencing services, Cybersecurity, Digital Resilience, etc. With an ambition of becoming a key player, UNOPS ECR has put in place an exploratory scheme to provide various ICT services to partners and clients including UNOPS projects, United Nations clients, UNOPS hosted organizations, Governments, NGOs, and other entities. Given the potential of growth, there is a need to hire ICT Assistant to support in the content management system development, web design, and other ICT functions. This exploratory phase, funded by the Investment Fund, has shown great potential with a number of secured projects and prospects that make us confident in the future of this new branch.

Under the direct supervision of the Project Manager and overall supervision of the Portfolio Manager, the ICT Senior Developer will be responsible for providing development support for content management systems, web design, and other ICT related functions. The incumbent will be expected to promote a collaborative, client-oriented approach consistent with UNOPS rules and regulations.

The incumbent will work in close collaboration with IPS project teams, Regional Offices or Operations Centres and UNOPS HQ ensuring timely delivery of project products and services.

Functional Responsibilities

  • Validates functional requirements integration.

  • Leads on the definition, design and development of enterprise applications using Open Source technologies. Knowledge of Drupal is required.

  • Actively contributes ideas and approaches during design sessions with other developers.

  • Contributes to tracking emerging technologies and solutions for improvements.

  • Leads in the implementation of web applications ensuring optimal performance, scalability, and usability of systems by assisting to adhering to established and evolving architectural standards.

  • Leads in the development of mobile applications using hybrid frameworks. Knowledge of Cordova and/or IONIC frameworks is highly desirable.

  • Leads on adapting mock-up themes or design of new ones with other developers and/or clients.

  • Supports on the migration of existing sites and applications.

  • Has ample knowledge of manual and automated testing techniques to ensure the proper performance of deliverable functionalities, providing test cases and avoiding regressions

  • Supports in the application deployment and maintenance of the infrastructure

  • Supports in the development of innovative concepts that could be implemented in addition to, or as a replacement of, existing solutions

  • Supports the creation of user and project documentation

  • Contributes to the tracking and reporting times and efforts invested on the assigned tasks. Knowledge on Atlassian products is highly desirable (Jira, Confluence).

  • Performs other ICT related duties as required.

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