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UNDP recruiting Research Consultant for a Chapter on Public Health

Home-based, 11 May 2015

Duties and Responsibilities

The Consultant will work under the supervision of the HHD Team Leader.  The Consultant is expected to work in close collaboration with the HHD Team Legal and Programme Specialists, as well as with other consultants such as the consultant on technical documentation. The Consultant will have the following tasks:

Conduct background research:

  • Review relevant data and literature;

  • Compile a list with original sources and citation of sources;

  • If needed, perform additional verification of information.

Draft an analytical report that will analyze: 

  • The development of the HIV epidemic with special emphasis on laws and policies and rights of the ley populations. Need to expand access to prevention, treatment care and support, Need to achieve sustainability of national responses. 

  • The situation with co-infections of HIV, specifically TB and hepatitis and the opportunities for policy improvement.

  • The windows of opportunities to address health inequities in the CIS and emerging regional formations such as the Eurasian Economic Union. The windows of opportunities in countries aligning policies with the EU.

  • Threats in health with specific focus on the economic situation and recommendations for their mitigation.

  • Links between these issues and the emerging Sustainable Development Goals.

  • The report should be concise, not to exceed seven pages standard text in length. The report should be drafted in the context of the ongoing multidisciplinary discourse associated with the preparation of the Regional Human Development Report.

With each sub item of the analytical report the consultant is expected to draft provide policy recommendations and practical guidance for national policy makers arising from the research. 

Finalize the analytical report based on feedback received through virtual comments and inputs.

Generate a blog and a presentation on the main research findings to stimulate debate and dialogue. 

Key deliverables :

The timeline and deliverables are as follows: 

  • Phase I: 1 July 2015: Compilation of background literature and citations;

  • Phase I: 1 September 2015: First draft of the analytical report submitted for comments; 

  • Phase II: 15 November 2015: Analytical Report and RHDR Chapter part on HIV finalized and accepted by HHD team

  • Phase III: 10 December: Related knowledge products completed and accepted by HHD team

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