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Tender: Media Analysis Services

Belgium, 11 August 2015


European Commission is seeking to ensure it has the best possible knowledge of the media coverage across the EU and in some non-EU countries on topics related to the European Union, the European Commission and their policies. In order to achieve this, the Commission relies partly on external expertise and assistance. The purpose of the call for tenders is to provide the Commission with high-quality expertise and support in undertaking in-depth media analysis on EU-related topics across different types of media. Contractors will be expected to provide evidence-based media analysis that will in turn contribute to developing and implementing a coherent, informed, targeted, long-term communication and media relations strategy for Directorate-General.

The contractor/s should achieve this as follows:

  • Review and sort the written, online and audio-visual media coverage of EUrelated topics and provide basic analysis (‘tagging’ or ‘coding’) of media items according to specific criteria and based on a media list defined by the European Commission. ‘Media item’ denotes the basic media unit for each of the different media types, i.e. newspaper clippings, audio-visual clips (TV and radio) or transcripts, online articles, blog postings. For the purpose of the framework contract, the terms ‘tagging’ and ‘coding’ are used interchangeably and are to be understood to mean ‘basic analysis of media items by an analyst, which may include tone, messages and prominence, among other parameters’.

  • Provide the European Commission with access to a user-friendly online platform/dashboard, which has the ability to store the tags referring to all analysed media items in an accessible way and transfer all attributed tagged information to the European Commission in the requested format (see Annex IX). This platform should allow the Commission to easily identify relevant media coverage per subject and country and generate graphics to present the findings in an attractive way. For the purposes of this contract, ‘subject’ means any topic which may be covered by a media analysis product. This includes, but is not limited to, a specific EC policy, initiative or a policy area. Policy areas will be arranged according to the administrative structure of the European Commission.

  • Provide support for both the editorial and IT aspects of the analyses undertaken.

  • Undertake accurate in-depth analysis of the ‘tagged’ media items to understand how the EU, EU policies and activities and the European Commission, are perceived by the media and by different target audiences in EU Member States and a range of non-EU countries including but not limited to the USA, Turkey, China and Russia.

  • Analyse social media coverage by, for instance, identifying main topics of interest and influencers in the social media space.

  • Identify media coverage with impact on the image of the EU, the European Commission, its activities and/or policies, and recommending how to react.

  • Undertake an in-depth, targeted and cross-cutting analysis of the media performance of the European Commission and provide consultancy services in the field of media analysis. This could involve, but would not be limited to, working on specific projects, developing SWOT analyses and/or presenting findings to high-level officials.

The wider objective of media analysis is to institute a system of continuous feedback and learning for the Commission. Media analysis will ultimately help the Commission to better communicate EU policies to EU citizens and specific target audiences.


Submission Deadline: 24 August 2015

Also view the ECN Procurement Notice (accessible by ECN Executive Members - Login to View)

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