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Organisation of SME Assembly, SME Week and European Enterprise Promotion Awards

Brussels, Belgium, 11 August 2017

European SME Week

The European SME Week9 is a pan-European umbrella campaign to inform entrepreneurs about available support at EU and national, regional and local level and to encourage more Europeans to become entrepreneurs.

The objectives of the SME Week are to:

  • provide information on what the EU and national, regional and local authorities are offering as support to micro, small and medium-sized businesses;

  • promote entrepreneurship so that more Europeans, and in particular, younger ones, seriously consider becoming an entrepreneur as a career option;

  • give recognition to entrepreneurs for their contribution to Europe's prosperity, jobs, innovation and competitiveness.

The European SME Week is a chance for organisations providing business support to make their services known to entrepreneurs and benefit from the general publicity of the Week. Whereas most of the events and activities taking place under the European SME Week umbrella are organised on the national, regional or local level by business organisations, support providers, regional and local authorities and other organisations supporting small businesses throughout Europe, an EU-level central event is organised by the Commission.
The Commission provides the event organisers with the branding and the promotion of their events via a central website located on Europa10. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 about 1500 national, regional and local events were organised in the 37 participating countries within the framework of the European SME Week.

The contact and coordination between the European Commission and the event organisers in the participating countries is done via the national coordinators. In every country, two coordinators are appointed, one from a state institution and one from private business. The national coordinators meet twice a year with the European SME Week team of the Commission to be informed about the plans and initiatives of the Commission, to make proposals for the upcoming SME Week, to report about plans or events that were organised, etc.

It should be noted that, although there is a specific date for the European SME Week (i.e. the week of the SME Assembly), the initiatives in various Member States happen throughout the year. The overarching motto of the SME Week is therefore 'Every Week is SME Week'. Yearly mottos can be suggested by the contractor.

It is expected that the support to both the EEPA and SME Week national coordinators constitutes a real added value for them and helps outreach initiatives. To this end the offer shall describe practical yet innovative and creative means of possible support to the national coordinators based on a coherent image and communications and outreach plan.

DG GROW cooperates also with GEN, the Global Entrepreneurship Network, which organises the Global Entrepreneurship Week (normally the 3rd week in November); tenderers are encouraged to suggest synergies to enhance this cooperation.


At the heart of the European SME policy is the conviction that achieving the best possible framework conditions for SMEs depends first and foremost on society’s recognition of entrepreneurs. The general climate in society should lead individuals to consider starting their own business an attractive option, and acknowledge that SMEs contribute substantially to employment GROW and economic prosperity. As a key contribution to achieving an SME-friendly environment, the perception of the entrepreneurs as risk-taking individuals in the EU will have to change: entrepreneurship and the associated readiness to take risks should be applauded by political leaders and media, and supported by administrations. Being SME-friendly should become mainstream policy, based on the conviction that rules must respect the majority of those who will use them: the "Think Small First” principle. It is in that spirit that outreach activities like the ones covered by this contract are organised by the European Commission.

EASME wishes to enter into a service contract for the provision of the following services:

  • The conference organisation for the yearly SBA conference called the SME Assembly, generally organised in the second half of every year in cooperation with the Council Presidency of that period. The SME Assembly is organised in this form since 2012 and more information can be found on http://ec.europa.eu/GROW/smes/business-friendly-environment/small-business-act/sme-assembly/index_en.htm

  • The organisation of a secretariat function for the European Enterprise Promotion Awards, the yearly award scheme organised since 2006 to award excellence in promoting entrepreneurial activities. More information is available under http://ec.europa.eu/GROW/smes/support/enterprise-promotion-awards/index_en.htm

  • The organisation of a secretariat function for the SME Week, an umbrella for hundreds of SME related outreach activities on EU level and in Member States and beyond. See for further details: http://ec.europa.eu/GROW/smes/support/sme-week

  • Design and implement a holistic and innovative outreach and engagement strategy for all activities forming part of the contract (i.e. the design of the events/initiatives themselves, as well as, the shape and form of the related promotional activities);

  • Propose a concept for the showcasing of secrets of success as mentioned above, and produce it, in principle, in a digital form.

The target audiences for all these activities range from the general public in the European Union to specific audiences, such as, European SME owners, business organisations, academia and media, depending on the concept and purpose of each task.

All tasks are supported by the following networks:

  • From EU Member States, the network of SME Envoys. The work of each SME Envoy is also supported by a Sherpa.

  • From all participating countries (COSME countries), a network of SME Week and EEPA national coordinators.

These persons form the prime cooperative network for all activities and are managed by DG GROW.H1. The contractor, who will receive all necessary contact details, can rely on the national co-ordinators and will actively support these groups and their members in accordance with the tasks described below.

All these activities are to be seen as a complete solution to outreach activities related to SME policy. The contractor will be charged with tasks that relate to these activities, but must always have the mind-set that they are holistic and interconnected. The overall political intention is the promotion of SMEs and entrepreneurship and better interconnection of relevant actors in the ecosystem.

The tasks will be informed and guided by a dedicated outreach team in DG GROW’s directorate for Competitiveness and SMEs (GROW.H.), which acts as main interlocutor with the various networks of national coordinators on all content (see further below for details) and will follow closely the work of the contractor.


  • Outreach and engagement strategy

  • Promotional activities

  • Media monitoring

  • Visual identity/graphic theme

  • Feedback survey

  • Paperless

  • Environmental impact and local sourcing

  • Application for smartphones and (tablet) computers

  • Tasks primarily specific to the SME Assembly

  • Tasks primarily specific to the EEPA

  • Tasks primarily specific to the SME Week

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