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UNDP recruiting Visibility and Media Expert

Turkey, 11 September 2013

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Background and Context

UNDP Turkey will continue to support the Ministry of Interior of Turkey for "Improvement of Civilian Oversight of Internal Security" through an European Union funded technical assistance project. The overall objective of the project is to structurally embed expanded enjoyment of civil rights by Turkish citizens and democratic control of internal security in the regulatory system and public administration practice of Turkey.

The project is composed of 3 components:

  • Component A - Legislative Framework: This component aims at enabling the Ministry of Interior and the public administrators (governors and sub governors) to exercise civilian oversight over law enforcement bodies.

  • Component B - Capacity Building: This component aims at increasing the capacity at the MoI to realize its mission as regards the administrative management of security forces at the central and local level and establishment of institutional structures needed in order to meet the EU standards for HR protection and for a strengthened civilian oversight.

  • Component C - Civil Society and Media: This component aims at contributing to strengthen independent oversight on law enforcement bodies and increase citizen’s participation in oversight

Scope and Objective

The overall objective of this assignment is to enhance the visibility activities of the project through high level technical support and guidance and also the improvement of the relations between the Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Sector Project with the civil society, public and the media. In addition, the assignment will aim at enhancing the visibility activities of the project (in particular the website feeding and key project events) through technical and substantive support. More specifically, the assignment is expected to contribute to raise awareness and visibility about the Project and its activities.

Duties and responsibilities

Under this setting, the scope of assignment shall include the following:

Visibility and Media expert will work in coordination with the Project Administrator (PA) and the other responsible Project staff. The expert will work with PA to develop an overall concept for the visibility activities. The expert will also liaise with the Senior expert on Civil Society and Media for the development of the design materials in line with the European Union visibility rules guidelines.

All the design works need to be done in consultation with UNDP and Ministry of Interior. The expert will be provided with the necessary substance included but not limited to texts for the publications, project logos, photos, any necessary information/visuals.

Part 1: Design of Project Outputs

  • Submit the preliminary design layouts for discussion with UNDP, MoI and the senior expert who is responsible from component C,

  • Revise the selected layouts as discussed with UNDP and MoI,

  • Submit the layouts for proofreading (2 rounds of correction to be covered under the agreement can be done via e-mail, or with an exchange of a hard copy with proofreaders marks)

  • Ensure all corrections have been inserted,

  • Create PDF from final electronic files for the project website,

  • Submit all final design files to UNDP in an external hard-disk that will be provided by UNDP (Press quality "pdf" or photoshop "psd" file formats),

  • Identification of photos to be used in the materials in consultation with UNDP and MoI,

  • Through all the stages responding to the requirements determined by UNDP and MoI and providing necessary presentation if necessary,

  • The design should adhere to UNDP and MoI style and standards, specifically regarding font, color and the correct use of project logos in consultation with senior expert who is responsible from component C of the project.

Part 2: Supervising the printing of the Project Outputs

  • Provide technical guidance to the project assistants regarding the preparation of the technical specifications for the tender process to identify the printing house

  • Obtain the final approval for each material to be printed from MoI and UNDP before submitting electronic files prior to printing,

  • Prepare the electronic files for printing house,

  • Send electronic files to printing house, and liase with printing house, during printing process receive and mark up final blueprint with final corrections from the Project Administrator and the other responsible project staff.

Part 3: Support to media relations of the project

  • Management of the project website, including but not limited to review of the draft content of the project website and provide the Project Management and Technical Assistance Team (TAT) with editorial support,

  • Advise and support the Project Management and the Technical Assistance Team with respect to workshops, training events, regional conferences, kick-off meetings at the pilot local authorities etc.

  • Collaborate as required with TAT and other project team experts to develop the possible guest list, contact key people and coordinate the activities.

  • All printed materials will be under the responsibility of the Visibility and Media Expert which must be in line with European Union and UNDP Visibility Rules.

Deadline: 18 September 2013

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