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United Nations recruiting IT Consultant

Home-based with potential travel to Istanbul or New York, 11 November 2015


Launched in 2008, the Business Call to Action (BCtA) is a global membership platform that encourages private sector companies to develop innovative business models that combine profitability with development impact, in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

BCtA members are market leaders and innovators, committed to developing commercially viable business ventures that engage people living at the Base of the economic Pyramid (BoP) as consumers, producers, suppliers, and distributors of goods and services. Member companies are spearheading efforts to provide the poor with the tools and resources they need to succeed by promoting economic opportunity.

BCtA provides a leadership platform for companies to demonstrate their commitment to development and to access global expertise on innovation at the BoP. Members benefit from:

  • Recognition as part of a high-visibility leadership platform, including association with the UN brand and possible international speaking engagements;

  • Access to a global knowledge network on inclusive business models and communities of practice;

  • Partnerships with development agencies, international organizations, and other companies;

  • Validation and dissemination of results, including within the UN Network, from specific BoP business models.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the overall supervision and strategic guidance of the Project Manager, and in close coordination with the Communications Lead and the Knowledge and Partnership Lead, the IT Expert will undertake the following tasks:

Provide the BCtA website with ongoing oversite to protect it from any potential security breach,     address unanticipated emergencies whether caused by BCtA or another source, as well as ongoing routine maintenance to ensure full, uninterrupted functionality. This oversite will be in force during the period between the close of the current management contract (31 December, 2015) until the new Contractor is fully engaged with BCtA’s work. IC will also provide support to BCtA staff a needed to handle updates/changes/alterations to the existing site.

Write the Terms of Reference (TORs) and technical specifications needed to successfully engage a technically skilled Contractor to develop and maintain the BCtA website. These specifications will be drawn from conversations and interaction with BCtA personnel to ensure a comprehensive understanding of BCtA’s needs and expectations. The following broad functionalities of the website and Contractor services will be addressed in the TORs. It will be incumbent upon the IC to address any needs not covered by the below:

  • A content management system easily and instantly updated by non-technical BCtA staff;

  • Once launched and deemed acceptable by BCtA to be final, contractor be available for ongoing and proactive maintenance and appropriate upgrades, support to address emergencies, cyberattacks, etc., and as well as ongoing support to BCtA staff as needed;

  • Seamless conversion of selected existing capacities and content, including but not limited to Salesforce interface and data collection, to new site;

  • Visually appealing and reflective of BCtA’s mission and mandate;

  • Consistent design throughout with a dynamic mix of graphic, photo and video content;

  • Easy and intuitive to navigate by users; no more than three levels of drop down to find desired content;

  • Compliance with Content Accessibility guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium standard;

  • Search capabilities using key words/phrasing that will identify content throughout the site;

  • Training and all necessary support to designated BCtA staff;

  • Soft copy user manual for future changes/updates/modifications by BCtA staff.

Provide technical advice to BCtA during the review and selection process to ensure the engagement of a technically skilled Contractor with the requisite knowledge and expertise to perform the tasks detailed on the TORs.

 Impact of Results:

  • During the period of website/management, the BCtA website will be protected from all forms of internal and external compromise, will experience no break(s) in service as a result of routine use, and will have any and all emergencies, whether due to BCtA actions or from outside sources, dealt with promptly. In addition, BCtA staff needs related to updates/changes/alterations to the existing site will be dealt promptly;

  • A comprehensive TORs addressing the technical specifications needed to successfully engage a technically skilled Contractor to develop and maintain the BCtA website;

  • Technical advice to support item above.

Submission Deadline:  18 November 2015

View the ECN Subcontracting Notice (This notice is visible only to ECN Executive and Expert Members: Please login to view).

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