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UNDP recruiting Consultant to Support UNDP Oslo Governance Centre’s Upcoming Conference

Home-based with some travel to Oslo, Norway, 11 December 2015


The UNDP Oslo Governance Centre [OGC] was established in 2002 to support the operational work of UNDP in assisting partner countries in developing more democratic and effective forms of governance for sustainable peace and development. Within the framework of a vision to eradicate poverty and significantly reduce inequalities and exclusion within and among societies, the 2014-2017 UNDP Strategic Plan sets out a plan of action with three core work areas; one of these areas is the building and/or strengthening of inclusive and effective democratic governance.

The newly refocused OGC aims to become a global Centre for policy development and applied research with an overarching focus on democratic governance and peacebuilding in crisis, conflict and transitional contexts. It will engage and strengthen ties with Norwegian, Nordic and other partners from the South in undertaking applied research and developing policy options and tools for governance support in post-crisis and post-conflict environments, in order to find practical solutions on the ground which address the following thematic areas:

  • Governance and democratic challenges in countries that are transitioning out of crisis and conflict towards more inclusive institutions and more peaceful, prosperous equal and resilient societies;

  • Governance of extractive industries in post-crisis and post-conflict settings and its impact on sustainable development pathways and progress towards more inclusive institutions;

  • Governance of inclusion, and in particular how societies evolving from crisis and conflict address gender equality and the political and economic empowerment of women in a conflict sensitive manner;

  • Measuring governance for development results to inform and influence the contributions of UNDP and partners in the discussions on the post-2015 agenda and the measuring and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Duties and Responsibilities

The consultant will provide overall technical and managerial support on the preparatory work leading up to the UNDP Meeting on the Governance of Diversity - Preventing Violent Extremism by Promoting Inclusive Development and Tolerance in mid-March 2016 in Oslo, Norway, as well as consolidating outputs afterwards. This will include advising staff and consultants working on this conference, under the overall direction of the OGC Director as well as the Director/Chief of Profession, Governance and Peacebuilding.

Tasks will include, but not be limited to:

  • Provide a literature review scoping out the key areas of literature relevant to the topic;

  • Consolidate existing UNDP and other material, support the preparation of research and briefing notes, framing papers and conference background documents prior to the meeting;

  • Identify and liaise with speakers and participants of the meeting;

  • Oversee the sending of invitations, and background papers and work with senior staff in designing the agenda;

  • Liaise with other UNDP colleagues in New York, regional centers and country offices, as appropriate on their contribution and participation in the meeting;

  • Support the Director and other OGC staff, as needed, in  preparations for the  meeting, including liaising with staff and consultants providing logistical and communications support;

  • Lead on compiling agreed reports and outcome documents of the meeting.

Deliverables and indicative timelines

  • A ‘top-level’ literature review (20-30 pages), scoping out the main areas of academic and policy literature relevant to the topic, linking to existing literature reviews and identifying gaps.  31 January 2016;

  • Summary of recommendations on, compilation and editing of background documents for the global meeting.  29 February 2016.

  • Draft talking points and speeches for senior UNDP speakers at the meeting, on request.  31 February 2016;

  • Preparation of a Conference Reports – a 2 pager with key messages, and a longer report 15-20 pages. 15 April 2016;

  • Document outlining options for the Oslo Governance Centre’s further work in this area, drawing on the literature review, the preparatory documents and the global meeting (5-10 pages). 30 April 2016.

Duration: 5 months

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