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International Organisation hiring Chief of Finance Section

Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, 12 February 2016

Project Title

Partnership Fund for Assistance to Syrian Refugees and Host Communities in Jordan, Iraq (North), Lebanon and Turkey.

Project Description:

The fund aims at improving the socio-economic perspectives of syrian refugees and cushioning the burden of immigration for host communities in Jordan, Iraq (North), Lebanon and Turkey. It intends to improve the general prospects of the target groups by means of creating employment, stabilizing income and improving livelihoods. The primary focus will be on the creation of (better) income opportunities and enabling vocational re(training), with the latter also catering to post conflict and reconstruction needs.
The support for host communities will thereby follow two principal goals:

  • to ease the additional strain put on host communities with respect to public, specifically communal service provision

  • to mitigate already existing potentials for tension between local communities and refugees steeming from increased economic competition in the (informal) labour market, the housing market, the education sector etc.

This can only be achieved if the local population also benefits directly from the projects/programmes financed through the fund. The fund will thereby operate as a financing mechanism for projects and programmes. It will provide the funds, monitor ist utilization and assess the impact of completed projects and programmes. Implementing partners will be NGOs, public entities in host countries at national and sub-national level, UN agencies and, where feasible, the private sector.

Job Description:

  • To design disbursement and financial reporting procedures and templates for the Management Unit and project implementing partners;

  • to train implementing partners in using financial reporting procedures and templates properly and timely;

  • to prepare requests for disbursement by the Trustee;

  • to assure financial reporting to Fund stakeholders, Trustee and Auditors is accurate and updated;

  • to draft the Fund’s annual or semiannual budgets;

  • to assure full compliance with KfW’s applicable policies and procedures, which may be amended from time to time, including its framework to prevent and combat fraud and corruption and money laundering

Submission Deadline: 24 February 2015

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