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GOPA Consultants recruiting Finance and Contracts Expert

Brussels, Belgium, 12 March 2014


GOPA Consultants implements numerous programmes/projects around the globe and continually competes for new ones. This offers opportunities to development cooperation professionals in a multitude of technical fields.


Provision of a programme management unit for the implementation of the TradeCom II programme (ACP secretariat; EDF-funded).


A Brussels-based project management unit (PMU) will be set up in order to support the ACP Secretariat in the operational management of the ACP–EU TradeCom II programme. The PMU will establish and operate a demand-driven facility capable of rapidly mobilising specialised trade-related technical assistance for ACP beneficiaries. The facility's assistance will focus on trade policy formulation,the negotiation and implementation of multilateral and bilateral trade agreements as well as on trade promotion and trade facilitation. The PMU team will, in close consultation with beneficiaries and EU Delegations, draft terms of references for assistance projects and mobilise the required technical expertise. In addition to managing a series of programme estimates, the PMU will assist the ACP Secretariat with the second programme component which will be implemented via a call for proposals. The grants will complement the demand-led support provided by the facility with longer-term and locally anchored institutional capacity building.The PMU will be composed of approximately 7 full time experts.

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