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Call for Proposals: Transnational Projects on Violence Against Women, Young People and Children Linked to Harmful Practices

12 March 2015


The proposals under this call shall focus on the priority described below:

Proposals shall complement the efforts of the EU in the area of harmful practices. Duplications of already existing initiatives will not be funded. Applicants shall explain and demonstrate how their proposals are aligned with the respective EU policies. The degree of relevance to the priority of the call for proposals will be assessed under the relevance award criterion.

With regard to potential ethical or child protection issues, applicants are required to provide a description of child protection policies (see 1.15 in Annex 1 - Project Description and Implementation Form) in place for any project activities that involve interactions with children.

This call will fund activities aiming at:

  • promoting an integrated approach, including through the development and rollout of multi-sectorial guides and protocols for child protection system actors and other actors (e.g. health sector, law enforcement, education and childcare, justice, victim support services) in contact with victims or potential victims of harmful practices;

  • raising awareness and changing attitudes among relevant communities, including through dialogue, mutual learning and exchange of good practice.

Projects under the first priority should be developed in consultation with end beneficiary groups, while projects under the second priority must incorporate direct participation of relevant communities, with a particular focus given to engaging men, community leaders, religious leaders and victims from practising communities. Creating appropriate links with countries of origin, in particular in order to capitalise on initiatives and encourage social change in practising countries, is encouraged as well as including organisations of these countries in the partnership as associate partners.

This call will fund activities on:

  • mutual learning, exchange of good practices, cooperation activities;

  • awareness-raising, information, dissemination activities.

Projects must take a child-centred approach and/or a gender-sensitive approach depending on the end beneficiary target group. The projects should be multi-agency and where service delivery involves government authorities they should include formal government engagement for each participating country. This will be taken into account when evaluating the quality of proposals.


Submission Deadline: 3 June 2015

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