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Research and Analysis Service: Cultural Relations Impact

United Kingdom, 12 March 2019

About the project

The Research and Policy Insight team plans to build on the Research Unit's small but strong foundations to pursue a strategic programme of research that underpins and supports the cultural relations mission and sector engagement of the British Council, from Arts to Education and Languages and from Civil Society to Peace and Conflict Resolution, and that supports the British Council as a thought leader and provides evidence of the impact of our work in cultural relations.

The team aims to generate new, useful, knowledge systematically that helps ensure the British Council:

  • is recognised, in the UK and overseas, for expertise and insight on cultural relations and soft power, and our contribution to policy is actively sought as a thought leader in our key thematic areas of expertise, including Arts, Education and Languages, Civil Society, and Peace and Conflict Resolution

  • contributes to the discourse on soft power, inform policy, shape dialogue, engages our stakeholders in the UK and in the countries where we operate, and improves the impact and effectiveness of our programmes

  • builds our capacity as an organisation to benefit from research, by ourselves and others, in order to make strategic decisions, engage with global research stakeholders, and to share insight and research findings to further our charitable purpose

About the role

The British Council is seeking a desk research and analysis service to collate, refine and augment its internal knowledge and evidence base on the wider benefits to the UK from our cultural relations activities across English language, education and society, and arts and culture interventions. This is in order to inform future strategy and to support the development of different policy and spending options in a tight fiscal environment in the UK.

One likely line of inquiry of this would be to understand the actual and/or potential benefits that arise from our work in teaching English and supporting English for Education Systems around the world in different scenarios. This could include benefits to the UK economy through marginal increases in trade, the contribution of English to economic and social development in different countries, the role of increased English usage in the ability to access certain UK cultural goods, and its relationship to trust in and attraction to the UK.

It is expected that the outputs of this piece of research and analysis would include:

  • Desk research: A review of published research and available data (including relevant polls and reports) on, for example and firstly, the potential impact on development, attitudes to the UK and aspirations for further cultural relations engagement of people who have or could learn English in different locations and modes, directly from the British Council and through public education systems.

  • Analysis of data, conclusions and recommendations drawing on analysis of data and findings from policy, academic and grey literature to develop scenarios and model potential direct and indirect, including economic, impacts. Internal reports should be accessible to non-economist readers and contain clear recommendations.

The Consultant/s will be expected to lead the assignment, but to also work closely with British Council staff to access internal sources of information, understand the policy requirements and response to emerging opportunities.

The intellectual property generated during the course of this project is to be transferred to the British Council. The terms and conditions for this arrangement will be stipulated in the eventual contract with the supplier.

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