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UNDP hiring Chief Technical Adviser for Solar Photovoltaic Project

Seychelles, 12 August 2013

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The PV project is implemented by the Seychelles Energy Commission (SEC) under the overall responsibility of the Department of Environment (DOE) in the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MEE). The Solar PV Technical Advisor will provide overall advice and guidance to the implementation of the project, and will work in close consultation with the SEC and the Project Manager of the project, and with technical consultants working within the scope of the project. The Advisor is expected to provide unbiased technical guidance to the project on a periodic basis throughout the project life cycle.

Deadline: 23 August 2013 /  View United Nations Development Programme Contract Notice

Duties and Responsibilities

The main duty of the Advisor will be to provide technical guidance to the National Project Manager and the Seychelles Energy Commission on the overall implementation of project activities, with specific reference to the following:

  • Provide overall technical guidance and advice in the planning and implementation of the technical assistance components of the project, including advising in the preparation of work plans, assist in the preparation of terms of reference and review of technical reports;

  • Assist in the identification and design of data collection procedure, oversee data collection, data analysis, and the development and use of modelling software related to national energy planning and national energy resource assessment;

  • Provide technical advice and assist in the development of a strategy for the creation of a national solar irradiation map;

  • Support the financial/economic expert in collecting information and analyzing this to establish the financial incentives to be used to promote photovoltaic technology;

  • Assist in the implementation of other technical aspects of the project as needed.

Deliverables are as follows

  • Mission reports after each mission to Seychelles, describing the general status of the project, achievements, challenges faced and recommendations to the SEC and Project Manager to address issues arising;

  • Specific written inputs to project annual work plans and annual progress reports;

  • Specific written inputs into key monitoring and evaluation documents, such as reviews of the reports of the mid-term and terminal project evaluations.

Deadline: 23 August 2013

View United Nations Development Programme Contract Notice


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