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INTERREG hiring Project Cooperation Officers (2 Positions)

Lille, France, 12 August 2014

INTERREG IVC is a Europe-wide funding programme. The objective is to promote interregional cooperation projects in the fields of the knowledge economy and the environment to improve regional policies. INTERREG IVC is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. To implement the INTERREG IVC programme as well as its successor programme INTERREG EUROPE (2014-2020) a Programme Secretariat has been set up in Lille. 

Details of the tasks

Task 1 on Interregional Cooperation Projects (approx. 60% of Project Officer’s time)

1.1 Project development

  • Present programme features and requirements at specific events (e.g. programme annual events, lead applicant seminars)

  • Assist potential applicants in preparing their application to the programme in relation to the strategic approach and the proposed activities by e-mail, phone but also through project assistance forms and individual consultations to be organised in the different Partner States

1.2 Project assessment

  • Carry out the eligibility check of submitted applications

  • Carry out the quality assessment of eligible applications

1.3 Project implementation

  • Ensure fulfilment of content-related conditions with projects approved under conditions

  • Assist approved projects during their implementation on content-related issues (e.g. relevance of activities compared with initial plans, advice on topic-related issues, link to the relevant policy learning platform, treatment of request for changes)

  • Monitor and review activities, good practices and results submitted by projects on a regular basis including follow-up of their outputs and results using indicators

  • Contribute to the organisation and participate in training seminars for Lead Partners (Lead Partner seminars, Exchange of Experience seminars)

  • Participate in project main events

  • Evaluate pilot actions submitted by projects and monitor their implementation

  • Monitor project closure

Task 2 on the follow-up of Policy Learning Platform (approx. 25% of Project Officer’s time)

  • Follow one specific thematic platform

  • Contribute to the selection of the expert team and in particular to the assessment of the bids

  • Assess the platform two-year work plan and monitor its implementation.

  • Liaise with the platform coordinator on regular basis and accompany the expert team in their daily work

  • Facilitate the link between projects and the platform

  • Contribute to the promotion of the platform towards Structural Funds stakeholders

  • Participate in events organised by the platform (when relevant)

  • Monitor results of the platform activities

Task 3 on Programme-related activities (approx. 15% of Project Officer’s time)

  • Contribute to the development of programme tools and templates (i.e. programme manual application form, database).

  • Contribute to the general programme promotion through taking part in various events

  • Collect interesting data to be included in the reports to the EC and in other possible programme publications

  • Contribute to programme evaluation with an emphasis on content-related issues

  • Contribute to the Programme Monitoring Committee’s preparation on all issues related to projects and platforms

  • Participate in Programme Monitoring Committee meetings when required

  • Coordinate with other programmes (e.g. INTERACT, URBACT, ESPON, other ETC programmes)

All the above tasks will have to be carried out in compliance with the INTERREG IVC administrative and legal requirements and with the on-going use of the programme’ s monitoring database.

Submission Deadline: 22 August 2014

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