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Tender: Media Consultancy Services to the Representation of the European Commission

Austria, 12 August 2016


The aim is to supply the Representation with services enabling it to provide the general public, other specified target groups, and the media with information on Commission policies. The services requested by the Commission should enable it to improve and further develop its information and communication activities.

Ultimately the goal is to make the activities, objectives and policies of the European Commission better known to the general public via audiovisual, on-line and social media.

Services required

In the framework of its communication policy, the Representation is organising a range of activities for the general public or specific target groups to explain the European Union, its policies and its Institutions. 

In this context the contractor is requested to provide the following services:

Provision of on-line communication services, online content and social media account management, in close cooperation and under the supervision of the Representation:

  • Draft articles and other news items for the Representation's website

  • Create and/or adapt and provide images, visuals, illustrations and infographic materials in German (including translation from English to German) for use on the Commission's websites and social media accounts. The contractor creates either the images/visuals himself or adapts preexisting material e.g. from a photo-database, or EU visuals and images.

  • The contractor must ensure that there are no copyright's restrictions for the images/visuals used;

  • Propose and draft rebuttals and reactions to misleading interpretations, 'myths', etc. published on traditional, online and social media channels, in close cooperation with the contracting authority

  • Develop and promote social media applications

  • Advice on how to improve the acquisition of new fans and followers, in order to increase the “engagement rate” and to improve the quality of both Facebook page and twitter account

  • Advice on the use of other social media platforms and cross-media usage of platforms

  • Propose, draft and place posts for the abovementioned Facebook and Twitter accounts in consultation with the contracting authority (topics such as: The European Commission’s latest news, events, Commissioners' quotes, picture galleries of events at the EU House, etc.)

  • Comment, “like” or “retweet” on appropriate posts on EU related issues coming from other Facebook or Twitter accounts

  • Cooperate with ‘influencers’ in Austria and their social media accounts (e.g. Foreign Office, Austrian Society for European policy, Europe Direct information centres, etc.)

  • Cooperate and engagement with the Austrian bloggosphere

  • Participate in events organised by the Representation and reporting on them in the social media

  • Inform the Press Section on technical and data protection related changes concerning social media channels

  • Reply to technical questions by Representation staff related to the management of the social media channels (e.g. for placement of text, images, graphics or videos as well as linkage or creation of new accounts for staff members)

  • Promote specific posts from Facebook and tweets coming from the Representation (page-post ads) as well as the page/profile itself (page adds) in close consultation with the contracting authority.

Promotional activities shall possibly be paid on a cost-per-click/fan respectively follower basis. For promotional activities on the social media accounts including small prices for eventual targeted competitions (normally low value-prices for participation in a quiz, sending in photos etc.) there is a budget available of at least (EUR 10,000 Euro per year). The intention of the Representation in Austria mainly consists in reaching people who are already active on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, but are not yet familiar with the EU Commission. By means of advertisement, they should become fans/followers of the Commission's page/profile and be encouraged to post/tweet their views and questions via the comments function.

The Contractor must refrain from ‘buying’ fans consisting in fake-profiles and not in genuine and interacting persons.

Audio-visual communication services

  • Web-streaming and recording of public events organised by the Representation and edition of related video material: There are two types of Web-streaming services: a) With three movable cameras provided by the Contractor, normally for larger public events in the House of the European Union or at other locations in Austria including directing and editing, and b) video-registrations with the 2 fixed cameras in the conference room of the House of the European Union including directing and editing. Participants of events in the House of the European Union are made aware by sign-postings that the event is being recorded and that pictures are being taken.

  • Delivery of edited movie files to the Contracting Authority

  • Hosting of the web-streaming files and of edited video registrations on an external server (owned by the contractor or a server provider in Austria) for up to a minimum of two years

  • Production of videos (two different types of videos: a) 3 minute videos and b) 30 second videos), of sound podcasts and of reports for distribution on Audio-visual and social media (e.g. Facebook, Youtube)

  • Assisting the Representation in its efforts to integrate EU aspects in the audio-visual programing of the principal AV media in Austria, including regional channels, by promoting the use by AV media of the material produced by the European Commission, identifying forms of content placement other than traditional advertisements

  • Provision of photographic services. For image rights in the House of the EU see above (2.1.2, first indent), for image rights when recording events outside the House of the EU, the Contractor shall take responsibility for image rights.

Permanent cooperation with the Contracting Authority

  • Weekly coordination on the Representation's thematic priorities, event planning, political agenda, etc. in the Representation's premises. The Contracting Authority will order concrete activities and will inform the Contractor once per week, usually on Friday the week before.

  • Regular debriefing on media consultancy activities.


Submission Deadline: 12 Septemeber 2016

Also view the ECN Procurement Notice (accessible by ECN Executive Members - Login to View)

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