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UN Women recruiting Networking and Community Engagement Consultant

New York, United States of America, 12 September 2014

The Need

UN Women is mandated to serve as a knowledge hub on gender equality and women’s empowerment.  This encompasses several dimensions around leveraging internal and external expertise and knowledge around “what” we should be doing and “how” we should be achieving our collective objectives, including:

  • Capturing and presenting intelligence, context around trends  and emerging and pressing issues and making available knowledge on commitments;

  • Identifying what works, what doesn’t and why and related guidance and resources;

  • Supporting scale and replication and south-south and triangular cooperation;

  • Enabling peer support and collaboration;

  • Generating new knowledge, understandings and innovating;

  • Surfacing, showcasing and strengthening women’s knowledge, innovation and social entrepreneurship;

  • Engaging partners and grassroots women in new ways, facilitating dialogue, expanding voices and perspectives in conversations; and

  • Using the myriad of technologies, applications and methodologies available to these ends.

Duties and Responsibilities

Process and Timeline:

  • Consultation with UN Women Staff on current networking and engagement practices, needs, opportunities and challenges. Review of current systems, tools and methods used;

  • Review of successful and cutting edge practices from outside the organization, particularly of organizations with comparable size, budget and with a development mandate;

  • Develop analytical paper that reflects immediate (do-able now) and longer term (with additional investment and/or addressing larger enabling environment) options.


  • Analytical Options Paper;

  • Compilation of supportive resources for implementing recommended options;

  • Capacity Building Webinar on top options to be tested.


  • The consultatncy will be for a period of 30 working days over a three month period.

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