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International Organisation hiring Programme Adviser for Local Government Reform

Ukraine, 12 November 2015


Under the authority of the Head of the Council of Europe Office in Kyiv and the supervision of the Head of the Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform in the Department of Democratic Institutions and Good Governance of the Directorate General of Democracy, the Programme Adviser ensures the effective implementation of the Council of Europe Programme “Decentralisation and Territorial Consolidation in Ukraine”.

Key activities

The Programme Adviser performs the following duties in accordance with the Council of Europe’s procedures, guidelines and priorities, with a concern for quality, efficiency, accuracy and confidentiality:

  • provides input into the design and development of the programme and related activities, both at regional and central level;

  • co-ordinates the implementation and reporting of activities, including the administrative, financial and technical aspects;

  • co-ordinates and supervises the project team in close relation with the relevant administrative entities in Headquarters and with the Head of Office;

  • supervises the proper use of the financial resources allocated to programme, and reports on a regular basis; monitors the outsourcing and subcontracting of activities in line with Council of Europe requirements;

  • provides expert advice on developments and trends in the decentralisation processes in Ukraine; identifies opportunities and risks which may hamper the effective implementation of the programme and advises on suitable action/corrective measures;

  • leads and participates in conferences, seminars, workshops, round-tables and working groups organised within the framework of the programme;

  • advises in the selection of experts; assists them and guides their work;

  • maintains regular contacts with the Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform of the Council of Europe and ensures a regular information flow on activities organised and progress in programme implementation;

  • carries out a regular assessment of the implementation and advises on adjustments and improvement of working methods where appropriate;

  • liaises with the other teams in the Council of Europe Office in Kyiv implementing different projects, namely but not exclusively under the Eastern Partnership “Programmatic Cooperation Framework”, as well as with central services on administrative, budgetary and financial matters;

  • sets up and maintains contacts with the key national and international stakeholders in Ukraine, including the Ministry of Regional Development, Constructions and Municipal Economy, Verkhovna Rada, associations of local and regional authorities, local and regional authorities, NGOs, international organisations and aid agencies operating in the field of local governance and decentralisation, as well as with representatives of the donor;

  • contributes to the visibility of the programme activities and dissemination of information (studies, publications, presentations);

  • performs any other task related to the implementation of the programme as requested by representatives of the relevant services in Headquarters or the Head of Office.

Please note that the incumbent may be required to perform other duties not listed in the vacancy notice.


Deadline: 23 November 2015

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