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Grow your Consultancy Business Training Series: Delivery of Training Courses for Local Consultants

Regional, 12 December 2019

Background and Project Description:

The SME Finance and Development Group (the "SME F&D") of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the "Bank" or "EBRD") helps small and medium-sized businesses to grow and become genuine catalysts for their local economies.

In addition to providing finance, the EBRD draws on the know-how of its network of international advisers and local consultants to help transform a wide range of businesses, looking at areas including strategy, marketing, operations, quality management, energy efficiency, financial management and beyond.

Additionally, market development activities are carried out, including training programmes for local consultants, in order to improve competitiveness, professionalism and supply of services in terms of quality and quantity.

In order to ensure consistency in delivery, the EBRD developed a Grow Your Consulting Business training series – a suit of training programmes targeted at building capacity of local consultants comprising the following training programmes (the "Training Programmes" or the "Project"):

  • Starting a Consulting Business;

  • Management Consulting Essentials;

  • Managing a Consulting Business;

  • Marketing and Selling Consulting Services;

  • Business Diagnostics for Consulting;

  • Project Management for Consulting;

  • Change Management for Consulting.

Assignment Description:

In the context of the Project, the EBRD is now seeking to engage up to thirty experts under non-exclusive framework agreements (the " Framework Agreements" "FA" or collectively "FAs") who will deliver to an audience of attendees drawn from local consultancy firms or individuals operating, or intending to start, their own consultancy business(the "Assignment").

Each Assignment will be delivered across the Bank's countries of operations with individual training events lasting 2 - 4 days for each course.

The curriculum for each Assignment provides a precise description of the composition and structure of each module, as well as an overview of the skills/knowledge which will be transferred to the participants at each stage of each Training Programme. The related training materials include all materials necessary for the delivery of the relevant Training Programme, including among other presentations, exercises, case-studies.

Prior to delivering the first training event under each of the Training Programmes the Selected Consultants might be invited by the Bank to a train-the-trainer style training event, where the materials and methodologies will be explained and demonstrated in detail. The Selected Consultants will bear all costs associated with attending these training sessions.

As part of the delivery of this assignment it is likely that the Selected Consultants will need to incorporate the input of local partner organisations such as business associations/chambers of commerce/etc. into the training materials. Where possible appropriate partner organisations will be suggested by the EBRD, but Selected Consultants, with the Bank's approval, could utilise their own business contacts in this regard.

The Consultants will be engaged under non-exclusive Framework Agreements, which will set out general contractual terms and conditions, with individual call-off notices (the "Call-Offs") to be issued for each training event, with individual assignments related to particular assignments contracted via Call-Off Notices to these FAs.

Cost Estimate for the Assignment:

EBRD uses a fixed fee rate of EUR 660 per day with the number of working days established in the individual call-off notice. Expenses will be reimbursed at cost.

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