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EBRD recruiting Consultant to Coordinate the Bank's TC Projects Related to Corporate Governance

Ukraine, 13 January 2017


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ("EBRD" or the "Bank") intends to retain the services of an individual expert (the "CG Coordinator" or the "Consultant") to strengthen the effectiveness and coordination of EBRD's efforts in the promotion of corporate governance reform in Ukraine both within the EBRD and with its clients, State authorities and other stakeholders involved in the reforms.

The CG Coordinator will enhance the coordination of the Bank's policy reform dialogue and policy advisory support in the EBRD's on-going and future corporate governance-related work in Ukraine. More specifically, the CG Coordinator will be tasked, among others, with:

  • Assisting with the coordination of EBRD's participation in various corporate governance legislation and regulation-drafting efforts undertaken by the relevant Ukrainian authorities;

  • Advising the EBRD on key corporate governance challenges arising from specific acts being proposed by the relevant authorities;

  • Monitoring the implementation of the corporate governance legislative reform in Ukraine and informing the EBRD on its progresses and adherence to international standards;

  • Coordinating with the various EBRD's departments on actions and positions to be taken concerning legislative drafts related to corporate governance reform in Ukraine;

  • Advising the Bank's representatives participating in working groups with various State authorities on key corporate governance issues;

  • Helping coordinate the work of consultants retained on corporate governance-related projects in Ukraine and liaising with the consultants, the clients and the Bank to make sure that the work by consultants is efficiently undertaken;

  • Assisting with the coordination of the work between the EBRD's clients and relevant EBRD's departments concerning the preparation of corporate governance action plans ("CGAPs") for the EBRD's investee companies in Ukraine; specifically, under the supervision of the corporate governance specialist in the Bank's Legal Transition team ("LTT"):

  • work on the preparation and negotiation of CGAPs;

  • monitor the implementation of the measures set forth in CGAPs; and

  • report to the EBRD on the implementation of the measures set forth in CGAPs;

  • When requested, participating in meetings related to the above issues.

  • Any other tasks that might be required by the Senior Counsel in LTT responsible for corporate governance.

The CG Coordinator shall be based at the EBRD Resident Office in Kiev with a working scheduled aligned with the workload and the ordinary office hours of the Resident Office.

The CG Coordinator shall prepare monthly and quarterly reports on his/her activities.

The CG Coordinator is expected to spend at least 25 working days at the EBRD Headquarters in London over the 24-month contract period.

At the start of the assignment, the CG Coordinator will spend 10 working days at the EBRD Headquarters in order to gain an understanding of the working methods and mandate of the LTT and the Investment Climate and Governance Initiative (ICGI) team, and to establish relationships with the thematic and sector experts from across the Bank.

The CG Coordinator will then be expected to travel to London once every six months to coordinate with the project team and relevant EBRD specialists on the various elements of the work programme. Travel costs have to be covered by the consultant, no additional travel budget will be provided.

Assignment Start Date and Duration

It is estimated that the assignment will begin early in 2017 and with an approximate duration of 24 months. Subject to business needs, availability of further funding and consultant's performance, the contract may be extended.

View the ECN Subcontracting Notice (This notice is visible only to ECN Executive and Expert Members: Please login to view).

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