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CBI Calls for Kenyan Consultant in Tourism Development

Nairobi, Kenya, 13 February 2014


The Centre for the Promotion of Exports from Developing Countries (CBI) is an Agency of the Netherlands Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

CBI is conducting a programme in the tourism sector in Kenya 2013-2017, for a total amount of approximately € 1.2 million. CBI is providing technical assistance, training and coaching to the private sector, public sector and  business support organisations (associations, federations, training institutes etc.) in the Kenyan tourism sector.

CBI is urgently looking for an experienced Kenyan consultant in the field of tourism development with a focus on institutional development, poverty alleviation and sustainability in tourism, regional tourism development and product development. The consultant should have an active network in the industry and have project management skills.

Description of the scope of possible assignments

The local consultant Tourism Development will be responsible for coordinating and facilitating all CBI’s activities in Kenya, and provide technical expertise and support where needed, in collaboration with the sector expert EU Export Coaching, Institutional Development expert and other experts involved in the programme.

Duration of the Framework Agreement

The initial duration of the Framework Agreement will be one year, with an option to extend three times for one year. The assignment is a part-time function with an average workload of 8 hours (1 day) per week. At times, the workload can intensify due to trainings and workshops or CBI-missions to Kenya.

Note: Willingness to work on a strategic level as well as on an implementation level with local partners of the CBI and other CBI External Experts will be a requirement for the successful performance of any future assignment.

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