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International Organisation hiring Start-up Training Expert

Turin and home-based, 13 November 2015


With increasing interest of the European Commission and the partner countries in how SME productivity and performance can improve growth and employment, International Organisation intends to provide more developed support to its partner countries in the area of SME skills. In particular, attention will focus on how SME and wider human capital policies can be implemented more effectively to demonstrate impact for individual companies, and local, regional and national economies.

This objective of this project is to widen the existing scope of International Organisation's work on SME skills from policy to implementation. More specifically, through the project International Organisation staff will reinforce the agency's profile on SME training support to partner countries, while engaging key stakeholders in a continuous dialogue on skills promotion within SMEs.

Note that for the purposes of this project, SME training is considered in its widest sense and includes coaching, mentoring as well as non-formal learning (e.g. self-motivated learning by doing).

The project involves expertise development to a team of 5 people with dedicated modules to be delivered in the first half of 2016. The project comprises a) group training sessions on pre-identified themes (see modules below), b) individual coaching session to staff members (max 2 hours) on areas of interest within the module and to be notified to the contractor two weeks before the module is to delivered, c) an short information session to wider International Organisation staff on each theme (1 hour) and d) webinars delivered to SME training stakeholders in International Organisation partner countries.

To implement the project, International Organisation is seeking international expertise to design and deliver 4 staff development modules in the following areas:

  • Module 1. An introduction to polices and policy challenges for SME development

  • Module 2. The SME training support eco-system

  • Module 3. Start-up training

  • Module 4. Training for business with growth potential and internationalisation

Duration: until November 2016

Submission Deadline:  19 November 2015

View the ECN Subcontracting Notice (This notice is visible only to ECN Executive and Expert Members: Please login to view).

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