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Seminar in Stockholm: EBRD Green Cities Framework

Stockholm, Sweden, 13 November 2017

Project Description:

The Board of Directors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD or Bank) approved the Green Cities Framework ("GrCF") in November 2016. Since this approval GrCF has progressed well, with five projects signed, two Green City Action Plans ("GCAPs") approved and one underway. GrCF received EBRD Board approval to be implemented in all EBRD countries of operation. The investment volume is envisaged to be in the region of EUR 250 million over a medium term time horizon.

In order to take stock, learn, acknowledge achievements and define the future direction of the Green Cities Framework the EBRD will support a seminar (the "Seminar") in Stockholm at which the following issues will be discussed:

  • The GCAP process

  • What are the key themes coming out of the GCAPs

  • How will the GrCF facilitate 'scaling-up' green investment activity

  • Planned geographical expansion of the GrCF

  • Co-operation with other organisations involved in Cities, including Sida, World Bank Global Platform for Sustainable Cities, SITRA, New Climate Economy Cities Initiative, Global Covenant of Mayors and ICLEI/OECD

  • Lessons learned from the first year of activity and measureable outputs

  • Determine the roadmap for next steps/where GrCF is heading

  • Recognition of successful implementation of GCAPs.

The general objective of the Seminar is to improve the quality of the preparation, execution and implementation of EBRD-financed Green Economy Transition projects by means of a well-structured event for a group of key decision-makers and managers. The seminar will also be a marketing tool to promote the EBRD's GET approach.

The EBRD now requires a consultant (the "Consultant") to undertake the organisation and logistical management of the Seminar (the "Assignment"), which tentatively is expected to take place in spring 2018.

Assignment Description

In order to deliver the Assignment the Consultant will undertake the following tasks:

  • organise and run the Seminar on behalf of the Bank including, but not limited, to the arrangement of the following;

  • venue for the Seminar;

  • travel arrangements for all participants and speakers (minus EBRD staff);

  • accommodation for all participants;

  • logistical arrangements, (airport transfers/travel to and from the field visit);

  • assistance with the agenda;

  • printing and disbursement of Seminar materials provided by EBRD to all participants; &

  • any facilities management services required during the Seminar.

  • ensure all participants and speakers are provided with necessary guidance and information to prepare for the Seminar.

It is anticipated that the Seminar will last two days. As per the above, the Consultant will organise all aspects, (including payment), of the delegates travel arrangements.

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