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International Organisation hiring Trade Development Policy Team Leader

Egypt, 14 May 2015

Project title

Technical Assistance to Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade in Areas of Domestic Market and Industrial Competitiveness

Project Description

The overall objective of the TDMEP programme of which this project will be a part is to support the Egyptian Ministry of Industry, Trade and Small & Medium Enterprises in its key reform efforts and in building capacity of its staff to deal with the modern challenges of international trade, in order to sustain economic development and Egypt’s further integration into the global and regional economy.

The purpose of this project is to assist the Ministry in the implementation of trade related reforms that will increase Egypt's benefit from international trade policy and agreements for trade liberalisation, especially towards the EU market. Assistance to the Ministry includes support to its departments and entities, such as the Minister’s Office, the Trade Agreement Sector (TAS), the General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC), with inclusion of private sector representatives, such as and not limited to the Chambers of Commerce and the business associations, where relevant and under the supervision of the Ministry.

Results to be achieved:

  • Result 1 – Improved rules and procedures relating to foreign trade and implementing agencies (import/export law, IPR law, trade remedies, procedures, etc.)

  • Result 2: Improved the Ministry's capacity to negotiate trade agreements and analyse legal, environmental and trade implications of international agreements

  • Result 3: Stronger reinforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

  • Result 4: Supported the development and implementation of the Minister’s reform and proposed strategic plans as per the agenda of the Government in relation to foreign trade

Duration of the assignment: 565 work days over 27 months.

Submission Deadline: 24 May 2015

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