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Study: Scale and Impact of Industrial Espionage and Theft of Trade Secrets through Cyber

Brussels, Belgium, 14 August 2017

Description of the tasks

Competition is based on the eternal pursuit for advantage. In an information and knowledge economy, the competitive performance of companies, and of the regions where they are established, depends on how well they develop, use and manage the "know-how" they create.

The main and overall mission of the contractor is to collect and analyse data to be able to report on the estimated volume and impact of the cyber theft of trade secrets and whether this issue is considered as a real problem by relevant stakeholders so that appropriate policy responses may be considered such as for awareness raising actions on the threat and best practices in dealing with it, or the creation of a more systematic collection of data based on volunteer reporting using trusted channels where anonymity is ensured.

Geographic scope: the study should collect data from as many Member States of the European Union as possible. It is up for the tenderer to indicate which Member States will be covered (both in terms of literature review and of the survey), as a minimum requirement at least the following Members States must be included: Austria, Belgium, France, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

  • Task 1 - Initial report: literature reviews and proposal of questionnaire for a survey

  • Task 2 - Interim report: survey and preliminary findings

  • Task 3 - Final study and power point presentation

  • Task 4 - Presentation of the main findings of the study

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