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EBRD hiring Consultant for Mapping Supply and Demand Potential for Tourism

Regional, 14 August 2018

Project Description

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ("the EBRD" or the "Bank") has recently approved the Inclusive Tourism Framework in the Eastern Mediterranean ("ITFW") to bring together a sufficient number of regional tourism operators to jointly work on stronger backward linkages. The ITFW focuses on Croatia, Greece, Turkey and Montenegro. This Framework will use the Bank's client relationships to support stronger backward linkages into the local economies, and notably to agribusiness suppliers.

The overall objective of this Framework and its technical cooperation component is to support a stronger impact of tourism operations in the EBRD's countries of operation, and notably to increase the share of locally sourced products in hotels. The project's primary focus will be the food and beverages products for daily consumption in hotels, but may also include beauty products or accessories, as well as handicraft products. Other relevant local producers of goods (and services) may be considered as appropriate. The project shall involve a range of clients in all four countries, including smaller family-owned operators with a limited number of hotels, as well as large-scale operators owning various hotels and resorts.

Assignment Description

EBRD intends to select and contract one individual expert or a consultancy company interested in nominating one expert (the "Consultant") for the Assignment to work closely with select tourism companies and coordinate with the Bank's Property & Tourism departments to systematically evaluate the potential for the Bank's clients for local procurement in their daily operations. The Assignment is fully aligned with the Bank's property and tourism strategy and the country strategies for all target countries.

The selected Consultant is expected to provide the following services:

  • Review and categorise products typically used in tourism operations in the Mediterranean region and target countries (Croatia, Greece, Turkey and Montenegro), including food & beverage products (primary and processed) that could be supplied locally in the target countries (given climatic constraints etc.) as well as cosmetic, textile and other products. This should include flagging of key or landmark products for local/regional branding and marketing.

  • Conduct a mapping of local/regional supply-side potential of relevant products, taking into account (1) the current supply capacity given seasonality patterns and existing limitations in terms of processed (vs. primary) products) as well as the (2) the potential to upgrade towards improved quality and standards and more processed products.

  • Cooperate with each of the ITFW's hotel clients in order to develop a "demand-side" mapping of tourism procurement operations (i.e. the extent of current local procurement as well as the potential future local procurement, given local and regional supply side constraints) and develop baseline for local sourcing (e.g. quantitative % of total purchase). Where hotel operators are already advanced with their local procurement efforts, the consultant may alternatively provide guidance on how to better promote landmark food products in the hotel's operations.

The Assignment will be conducted in two phases. The initial phase of the Assignment is to commence with 3 sub-projects/clients. The Assignment may be extended up to 10 sub-projects/clients within target countries at Bank's discretion subject to satisfactory progress, performance and the business needs.

For the performance of the services, the Consultant is expected to visit the Bank's hotel clients. The visits will aim to understand the current procurement policies and supplier base, and how local procurement could be expanded with reference to local markets and conditions. The Consultant is also be expected to provide guidance on marketing of local (food) products in the hotels' operations, e.g. through restaurants/kitchen services, offering day trips to culinary destinations in the vicinity of the hotel etc.

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