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Framework Contract for Copernicus Emergency Management Service - Rapid Mapping

Ispra, Italy, 14 September 2018


The Copernicus Emergency Management Service (CEMS) is one of the six core services offered by Copernicus. It is intended as an operational service provided to the users active in the field of disaster management in the EU Member States, the European Civil Protection Mechanism, the Commission’s Directorates General (DGs), the participating Executive Agencies, and international actors in humanitarian aid. The contract refers to the Rapid Mapping module of the CEMS Mapping component. It consists of the on-demand provision of geo-spatial information within hours in support to emergency management activities following an emergency event. In rapid mode, the service is based on the acquisition, processing and analysis of satellite imagery and other geo-spatial raster and vector data sources. The products are standardised maps and vector files with a set of parameters the user can choose when requesting the service.

Overall scope

The primary objective of Copernicus EMS - Rapid Mapping is to support disaster management inside and outside the EU during the emergency response phase in particular. The Rapid Mapping service and supply address natural disasters (e.g. floods, forest and wild fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, volcanic eruptions, landslides, etc.), man-made disasters (e.g. chemical spills, industrial accidents, etc.), humanitarian crises (e.g. refugee camps, supply routes, etc.), both inside and outside the EU, and for which information generation is considered sufficiently mature to be generated in an operational and robust manner.

Standard product packages will continue to be proposed to the users:

  • reference products providing information prior to the crisis,

  • first estimate products,

  • delineation products providing an assessment of the event impact and extent

  • grading products providing an assessment of the damage grade

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