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United Nations recruiting Consultant to Design Toolkit and Deliver Training on Budget Literacy

Home-based, with one mission to FYR Macedonia, 14 October 2014


Starting from 2010, United Nations has been implementing the regional project “Promoting Gender Responsive Polices in South-East Europe and the Republic of Moldova” covering Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYR Macedonia) and the Republic of Moldova. The project is financially supported by the Austrian Development Agency and the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development. Its overall goal is to contribute to the implementation of commitments towards achieving gender equality by strengthening the capacities of national and local stakeholders to mainstream gender in policy planning and budgeting process.

The project is structured around three outcomes:

  • Sectoral programs and budgets at the central and local levels reflect better gender equality concerns;

  • Strengthened oversight of central and local government programs, policies and budg-ets towards gender equality commitments;

  • Exchange of knowledge and learning on GRB facilitates replication of good practices and lessons learned.

Duties and Responsibilities

The International consultant will work under the supervision of the Regional Project Manager and the overall guidance of the Country Project Manager and will benefit from technical and operational support of United Nations Programme Office in Skopje. The con-sultant should be responsible for the following tasks: 

Drawing from existing international, regional and national experiences, lead the team of consultants in designing a four day training and producing relevant training materials on BLBM for CSOs and gender advocates.

The training should:

  • Discuss how accountability and transparency are a prerequisite for good govern-ance and advancement of gender equality;

  • Describe FYR Macedonia’s policy making and budget cycle at central and local level;

  • Explain the entry points for gender responsive budgeting;  

  • Reflect on the role of CSOs and gender advocates in monitoring government poli-cies and budgets;

  • Provide CSOs and gender advocates with tools to identify if given political, social and economic priorities of women and men have been budgeted; 

  • Demonstrate how to design monitoring plan for government policies and budgets and advocacy actions for advancement of gender equality in the policy and budget design and their implementation;

  • Showcase examples of good practice on CSO and gender advocates participation in policy and budget monitoring (with gender lenses).

Based on the training, lead the team of consultants in the preparation of a toolkit on monitoring local government budgets with gender lenses.

To fulfil the task, the International expert is expected to:

  • To elaborate and submit the detailed work plan including the key activities, de-tailed division of tasks between consultants and timeframe of the assignment in close cooperation with the United Nations project management team; 

  • To lead the development and submit a draft agenda of the training, including training materials (presentations, case studies, etc.), and finalise the documents as per United Nations comments; 

  • To lead the delivery of the training and to ensure the application the latest adult learning methodologies and an active learning environment for the participants; 

  • To lead the preparation of Pre and Post training capacity assessment and a report which will: capture the changes of knowledge and capacities of participants and suggest future actions for United Nations; 

  • To lead the development, submit draft and finalise the Toolkit on monitoring local government budgets with gender lenses based on United Nations feedback;

  • To prepare an individual report on the assignment.

Key Deliverables and Timeframe:

  • Detailed work plan and timeframe of the assignment - 31 October;

  • Agenda and training materials - 10 November;

  • Pre and post training capacity assessment report (in English, max 15 pages) - 25 November;

  • Toolkit on monitoring local government budgets with gender lens (in English, max 25 pages) - 5 December;

  • Individual report on the assignment (in English) - 10 December.

Submission Deadline: 19 October 2014

View the ECN Subcontracting Notice (This notice is visible only to ECN Executive and Expert Members: Please login to view).

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