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British Council recruiting Consultant Writer

14 November 2019

About the project

The Building Learning Foundations Programme (BLF) is funded by the UK's Department for International Development (DFID) and aims to improve the quality of teaching and leadership in all of Rwanda's government-aided primary schools. The programme is implemented by a consortium of organisations; Education Development Trust, British Council, and VSO in all 30 Districts of Rwanda and currently benefits all Primary 1 – Primary 3 (P1-P3) English and Mathematics teachers in all of Rwanda's 2,510 government-aided primary schools. The British Council is responsible for BLF's English component and has trained more than 15,500 English teachers, mentors, school leaders, and education officials, and has produced and distributed 600,000 English activity books for lower-primary pupils since implementation began in early 2018.

The BLF English programme focuses on sustainable school-level continuous professional development (CPD), initially through supporting teachers to develop their English proficiency skills and use of classroom English (the first toolkit) and then shifting to focus on appropriate pedagogy for teaching English to primary pupils (the second toolkit). BLF has provided all P1-P3 English teachers with toolkits including printed and supporting audio and video materials to use for self-study and in community of practice activities. By September 2019 all lower-primary English teachers nationwide had received two volumes of the English teacher's toolkit, along with initial training and a continued package of school-level support.

BLF is soon to expand to also reach all Primary 4 – Primary 5 (P4-P5) English and Mathematics teachers to support them with the transition to English medium instruction from P4 onwards, as per current government policy. The first two volumes of the toolkits need to be adapted and re-purposed to meet the needs of the new target audience – creating BLF toolkits 3 and 4. The main difference will be that as from P4 onwards all subjects are taught through English, toolkit 3 will need to support teachers of English and Maths to develop their skills in teaching through English medium. Toolkit 4 will focus on pedagogy for teachers of English as a subject, and will need to also support teachers' use of the P4 and P5 pupil activity books (to be developed from late 2020).

About the role

The consultant writer will be required to adapt the content from the first two BLF toolkits to meet the needs of P4 and P5 teachers and to also support the use of the new pupil activity books that BLF will provide for all P4 and P5 pupils. The toolkits will need to be accessible for teachers of A2 to B1 level on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages. See request for proposal document for detailed specifications.

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